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Proposed all-weather track

The club is excited at the prospect of having an all-weather track for use by all members.

For as long as the club has existed, we have used paths, pavements, sports fields and parks to train on. The juniors regularly use hired venues for safety reasons, but even these are not ideal for running training as they do not provide race conditions.

Which is why we were delighted in 2019 to progress the plans in partnership with Chichester College, for a bespoke all-weather track, within the grounds of college itself.

The below plans were prepared by Chi Runners member and architect Jim Garland, with whom the club owes a great debt of gratitude. He was supported by Rob Wiggins who led the committee sub-group so that the plans could be submitted to Chichester District Council.

The track will be 300 metres long, and be an irregular shape due to space available and the topography of the site. An Olympic sized track is usually 400m long with 2 identical curves and 2 identical straights, however this was impossible on this site.

The location is the sports field immediately outside the college sports pavilion (the small yellow shape at the very top of the plans), with the large astroturf sports field shown on the left of the plan.

The track will have only 3 lanes but the curves will be banked – similar to indoor tracks – which will help runners maintain speed in the tighter than usual corners.

In addition, the area enclosed by the track will contain an astroturf area as well as an additional 60m straight. The whole site will be floodlit, enabling use throughout the year.

Most importantly, this proposed training facility provides a safe place for runners of all ages to run and compete safely. The existing facilities; car park, pavilion, toilets and changing facilities mean comfort and safety for all users and no additional charges incurred for venue hire.

Thank you to those who submitted supportive comments to the local authority consultation page before the closing date in October. We now await with hopeful anticipation, for the Council decision.