Draft Minutes 2017 AGM

Draft Minutes of the 33rd Annual General Meeting

held at the Sports Pavilion, Chichester College

on Monday 20th November 2017.

 1.       Welcome by Chairman:

After drawing the ballot for the one London Marathon club place, at 8:06 pm the chairman warmly welcomed thirty-six members to the 33rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the club. 

2.       Apologises for absence:

There were twelve formal apologises for absence namely from Grahame Brown, Elaine Cruttenden, Margaret Enstone, Jackie Sage, Sara Ellis, Amanda Godfrey, Janice Betts, Tom Pritchard, Graham Woodward, Peter Robinson, Lorna Turner and Mike Houston.

 3.       Approval of Minutes of last AGM:

The chairman referred to the minutes of the meeting held on 28th November 2016 that had been circulated by email to members prior to the meeting. There were no queries and therefore Graham Jessop proposed acceptance of the minutes as drafted, which were seconded by Joanne Brown. Accordingly, the minutes were unanimously approved and adopted by the meeting and subsequently signed by the chairman as being a true version of the 2016 AGM. 

4.       Matters arising:

There were no matters arising from the minutes that were not due to be discussed later in the meeting.    

 5.       Club Report:

The chairman referred to the written report that had been circulated by email prior to the meeting. He highlighted a membership of 561 being the highest in the club’s history as well as the successful series of Beginners’ Groups. The chairman added that there was need for dedicated Team Managers for XC matches as well as larger squads for the West Sussex Fun Run League. David Worcester on behalf of the club congratulated Jessica Breach for her high level of achievement in competition last summer. There were no other matters raised by members.

     6.       Hon. Treasurer’s Report:

David Barty referred to the Income and Expenditure Account, plus Balance Sheet for the financial year ending

30th September 2017 that had been circulated prior to the meeting together with those for the financial year 2015/16. The treasurer confirmed income of £16,029 against expenditure of £17,353 that included the pre-paid £2.5k for the annual use of Chichester College as part of our 10-year agreement. Club events showed a profit of £7,140 producing overall a surplus of £4,388 for the last financial year. David confirmed the sum of £75, 479 being held in the club’s bank accounts. He highlighted that in terms of operating costs the club broke even last year with reserves increased due to a healthy income from events. He thanked David Knight and his assistant Carol for their advice and support in drawing up the accounts to include those from the previous year. Following a proposal from Kevin Lockyear and seconded by Conrad Meagher the accounts for the years 2015/16 and 2016/17 were unanimously approved by those present at the AGM.  The chairman then took the opportunity of thanking David Barty for stepping into the role of treasurer during the year.

     7.       Membership Subscriptions for 2018:

The chairman proposed on behalf of the outgoing committee that there should be no change to the level of subscriptions for 2018. John Betts mentioned that the registration fee to England Athletics was increasing by £1 from 1st April 2018 to £15 and reminded members more events were applying the principle of “no current EA registration then no discounted entry”. The recommendation of no change to the level of subscriptions was proposed by David Pike and seconded by Sandra Nemorin-Noel and passed unanimously by those present.

 8.       Election of Named Officers:

The chairman asked the president to take the chair for this item. David Worcester confirmed that Tom Blaylock was stepping down as chairman and thanked him for taking on this role for the last eight years. He referred to the proposal by Amanda Godfrey and seconded by Mike Moorcroft for Keith Akerman to be the club’s new chairman.  He added that Mike Moorcroft had volunteered to become treasurer and this appointment was supported by Robert Wiggins and Helen Dean, whilst John Betts was willing to carry on as secretary with proposal and seconder from David Worcester and David Barty respectively. These three appointments were unanimously approved by the members present.

 9.       Election of Management Committee in addition to Named Officers:    

Keith Akerman confirmed that four of the current committee were standing for re-election namely Helen Dean, Vicky Balandis, Amanda Godfrey and Jackie Sage. He continued by confirming that Graham Woodward and Peter Anderson had volunteered to join the Management Committee. These six appointments were proposed by John Betts, seconded by Keith Akerman and carried unanimously.

 In addition, the chairman informed the meeting that it was the intention of the incoming committee to co-opt Joanne Brown once again to advise on fundraising and Conrad Meagher to represent the juniors as well as the join the “track project” sub-group onto the Management Committee. The chairman thanked Robert Wiggins who would continue to lead the “track project”, Sara Ellis who had been the “Ladies Team” captain for the last ten years and Grahame Brown for their involvement with the Management Committee.  

 10.   Appointment of Welfare Officers:

The chairman confirmed that Amanda Godfrey and Helen Dean had agreed to take on jointly the role of Welfare Officer. The appointments were proposed by Sandra Nemorin-Noel, seconded by Kevin Lockyear and unanimously endorsed by the meeting.

 11.   Nomination for Independent Examiner:

The chairman confirmed that David Knight was willing to continue. This appointment as the Independent Examiner of the club’s accounts and financial affairs was proposed by Rebecca Brown, seconded by Vicky Balandis and unanimously endorsed by the meeting. 

12.   Any other business:

The president referred to the club’s policy to award Honorary Life Membership and mentioned that three of the original eight members who formed the club 34 years ago recipients were still active within the club. He continued by stating that Kevin Lockyear was stepping down after twenty years as lead senior coach and whose long-service had recently been recognised by Southern Athletics. A presentation was made to Kevin as well as unanimous agreement for his award of Honorary Life Membership. Presentations were also given to Sara Ellis, Tom Blaylock, David Knight, Robert Wiggins and David Barty.

Robert Wiggins outlined the current position with the “track project” at Chichester College.  He confirmed that following a meeting last week Conrad Meagher was getting together some plans to identify potential sites within the grounds. Robert added that the club must be prepared to match funding and that the College had agreed to fully support this initiative. Those present unanimously supported continuation with this project.     

Joanne Brown reminded the club that there would be changes to the Data Protection Act next year. John Betts thanked her for this notice and undertook to take forward.

Phil Baker referred to the list of chairmen since the club’s conception and asked that their names be added to the foot of the minutes for future reference.

 Andy Hall referred to the support received from Tim Brown at Bishop Luffa School. He added that there was a need to upgrade the throwing areas and for more help during next summer.  

Graham Jessop expressed concern about any proposal to introduce electronic banking unless proper safeguards and segregated responsibilities were put in place. It was agreed the new committee would review. He added that the club had come a long way and now considered to be within the top three clubs in Sussex. 

The chairman thanked everyone for their attendance and contributions to the AGM.

The meeting concluded at 9:00 pm.    

       Minutes approved and signed by Chairman.

Signed:                 Dated: 19th November 2018 

Past Club Chairmen:

1984/89 – Alan Mayhew

1990/92 – Graham Jessop

1993/96 – Pat Weiss

1997/98 – John Fisher

1999/2001 – David Barclay

2002/03 – Helen Pattinson

2004/05 – David Worcester

2006/09 – Tony Cooley

2010/17 – Tom Blaylock