Newsletter 10th July 2020


Despite the relaxation in other areas of our lives still no further news from England Athletics so next week continues with the “bubble” training groups for both seniors and juniors.

This weekend (11th/12th July) is the club’s virtual 5k time trial. Please post your times on Facebook as well as sending them in to this email account.  


I have had a long, intermittent association with Chichester Runners & AC and thought that I would share some of the history of the Club (in my time), with you. I hope to revive memories of older members and inform newer members.

April to June 2004.

This quarter was a continuation of the first quarter of 2004, with a significant number of events.

This is a snapshot.

10th April 2004. Sussex Road Relay Championships. Horsham.

Men Over 50.

Chi Runners  “A” team 1st. Rob Wiggins, David Dorning, David Worcester.

Rob then doubled up for the “B” team with the two Davids doubling up for the Senior Men’s “B” team.

Chi Runners “B” team 8th. Alastair Kennaugh, Bob West, Rob Wiggins.

Senior Men.

Chi Runners “A” team 5th. Jo Corbett, James Baker, Conor McLarnon, Jonathan Worcester, Mark Warrington, Jim Garland.

Chi Runners “B” team 15th. David Worcester, David Dorning, David Bourne, Philip Peters, James de Bounevialle, Ray Adams.

9th May 2004. Alton 10 (miles).

591 entries over a hilly demanding course.

I was the only Chi Runner in a race which applied World Performance Standards to categorise the results.

In finishing 28th (and winning the Over 50 category), in 1.01.31, I was one of seven (3 senior men, 2 over 40 men and 2 over 50 men) who were classified as “national class”.

16th May 2004. Bognor 10km.

1300 runners.

2nd James Baker, 33.11.

8th Gary Wright, 35.59.

12th Conor McLarnon, 36.43.

15th (1st Over 50) David Worcester, 37.06.

24th Richard Moore, 37.59.

53rd Colin Harley, 40.17.

56th Terry Slade (1st Over 60), 40.45.

58th Joe Russell-Wells, 40.46.

79th Tony Cooley, 41.48.

157th Mary Collins, 44.53.

303rd Alan Rowley, 48.31.

418th Tracy Jayant , 51.30.     [ How romantic ]

419th Kevin Lockyear, 51.30. [ is this?!             ]

427th Frank Measby, 51.36.

442nd Esher Weiss, 52.01.

492nd Carol Palmer, 52.59.

495th Jill Renson, 52.59.

533rd Ana Neumann, 53.47.

605th Emma Penfold, 55.39.

607th Nigel Penfold, 55.40.

752nd Jemma Noyce, 59.12.

794th Rophina Yeld, 59.22.

794th Sarah Robinson, 1.00.12.

824th Francine Hedley-Goddard, 1.01.19.

866th Peter Robinson, 1.02.40.

917th Rosie Turner, 1.04.25.

Chi Runners Team 1st (Baker, Wright, McLarnon, Worcester).

5th June 2004. South Downs Relay.

Men’s Veterans: Chi Runners 2nd of 18 teams: Tony Cooley, David Dorning, Rob Wiggins, Richard Moore, Keith Toop, David Worcester.

20th June 2004. Selsey 10km.

Run in torrential rain and hail!


1st Mark Hargreaves (Bournemouth), 32.25.

3rd James Baker, 34.01.

20th David Worcester, 36.25.

27th Richard Moore, 37.05.

41st Martin Miller, 39.11.

44th Russell Crimes, 42.23.

115th Derek Pennicott, 44.59.

122nd Barry Holford, 45.20.

288th Peter Robinson, 1.00.52.

295 Finishers.

Chi Runners Team 3rd of 10 teams (Baker, Worcester, Moore).


1st Erica Sheldon (Woodford Green), 36.27.

56th Lynn Harley, 54.54.

62nd Jemima Noyce, 55.06.

119th Rosie Turner, 1.02.43.

124th Francine Hedley-Goddard, 1.03.29.

125th Suzanne Holford, 1.03.40.

144 Finishers.

23rd June 2004. Midsummer 5.

130 finishers (96 men, 34 women).


1st James Baker, 25.51,

3rd (1st Over 40) Keith Toop, 26.55,

7th Sam Gillert (U17), 27.58.

8th Jonathan Worcester (U20), 28.34.

11th (1st Over 50) David Worcester, 29.07.

14th Mark Ellard, 29.45.

27th Tony Hancock, 32.44.

29th Philip Peters, 33.02.

31st David Bourne, 33.17.

34th Alastair Kennaugh, 33.34.

48th Bob West, 34.36.

57th Alan Rowley, 35.55.

61st Richard Parker, 36.36.

65th Andrew Moore, 37.39.

87th Dave McCall, 40.41.

93rd Ray Adams, 47.29.

96th Michael Lyons, 51.24.

Chi Runners Team 1st (Baker, Toop, Gillert, Jonathan Worcester).


8th Lauren Kennaugh, 40.11.

12th Carol Palmer, 42.26.

13th Sarah Robinson, 42.56.

15th Sue Barty, 43.22.

33rd Carla Wood, 51.23.

Chi Runners Team 1st (Lauren Kennaugh, Carol Palmer, Sarah Robinson).


This week the quiz is a mix of 50 questions divided into eight categories. Good luck. Last week two 100% responses from Lorna and Graham.  

Best wishes

John (Betts)

Secretary on behalf of the Committee