Newsletter 21st August 2020


We continue with the training groups for both seniors and juniors next week. Please ensure you tell your Group Leader if you cannot attend a particular session, plus to look out on Facebook for spare spaces.

Will’s weekly training schedule will be posted in due course on the club’s Facebook page.

This weekend no particular challenge other than just to get out and have a run of some sort.


The 6:00 pm Yoga class starting on Friday 11th September is now full but there is space at 4:30 pm. Please contact John if you are interested in attending this class. He will circulate the arrangements to those attending these classes at the Newell Centre nearer the time.


I have had a long, intermittent, association with Chichester Runners & AC and thought that I would share some of the history of the Club (in my time), with you.

I hope to revive memories of older members and inform newer members.

July  to December 2007.

28th September 2007. South of England Relays. Aldershot.

Chi Runners Men’s Over 50’s Team: 9th (of 20). David Dorning (22.25), Colin Harley (25.25), Alastair Kennaugh (25.37), David Worcester (22.27).

7th October 2007. Chichester Priory 10km.


1st, William Chinhanhu (Poole Runners), 29.18.

44th James Baker, 31.37.

93rd Jonathan Worcester, 34.08.

127th Gary Wright, 36.29.

128th David Dorning, 36.32.

133rd David Worcester, 36.48.

134th Kevin McGreal, 36.49.

137th Neil McAlpine, 36.53.

151st James Pennicott, 37.56.

165th Nick Fenmor-Collins, 38.55.

176th Nick Casburn, 39.32.

210th Terry Wright, 40.57.

213th Andrew Moore, 41.03.

227th Joe Russell-Wells, 41.35.

248th Philip Court, 42.32.

250th Alastair Kennaugh, 42.32.

258th Mark Warrington, 42.47.

266th Steve Hasler, 43.05.

291st Colin Harley, 43.44.

326th Norman Marshall, 44.50.

337th Kevin Batt, 45.23.

368th Philip Peters, 46.16.

380th Derek Pennicott, 46.45.

385th Daniel Turner, 46.52.

430th John Betts, 48.42.

441st David Grunwell, 49.00.

487th Philip Allen, 50.19.

524th Duncan Kennaugh, 51.49.

612th David Barclay, 56.52.

692 Male Finishers.

A huge apology to the Ladies but I did not retain a copy of your results!

14th October 2007. St. Wilfrids 10-mile Cross Country, West Wittering.

1st James Baker, 57.16.

5th Chris West, 1.00.06.

8th Dave Arnold, 1.02.08.

9th Gary Wright, 1.02.37.

11th Kevin McGreal, 1.03.22.

12th David Worcester (1st Over 50), 1.03.22.

14th James Pennicott, 1.03.53.

16th Nick Casburn, 1.04.16.

18th Michael Lyons, 1.06.02.

24th Fay Cripps, 1.07.06.

29th Martin Miller, 1.10.48.

30th David Pike, 1.10.57.

41st Colin Harley, 1.12.31.

50th Kim Nelson, 1.14.34.

Apologies to the other 200 or so finishers but I have an incomplete record!

27th October 2007. Sussex Cross Country League. Goodwood.

MEN: 3rd James Baker, 5th Joe Foreshew, 9th Paul Bleach, 15th Richard Bachelor, 25th Chris West, 32nd Andy Nicholson, 46th Dave Arnold, 52nd Michael Lyons, 58th Connor McClarnon, 59th David Worcester, 92nd Terry Slade, 94th Alastair Kennaugh, 97th Rob Saunders, 102nd Philip Peters.

LADIES: 4th Michelle Quaid, 5th Fay Cripps, 14th Angela Carpenter.

24th November 2007. Sussex Cross Country League. Bexhill.

1st James Baker, 30th Andy Nicholson, 31st Chris West, 43rd David Dorning, 58th David Worcester, 79th Tom Blaylock, 96th Alastair Kennaugh, 129th John Betts.

9th December 2007. Sussex Veterans Cross Country Championships. Horsham.


Chi Runners Over 45’s 2nd: Liz Bowers 2nd (1st Over 55), Sue Barty 13th, Jan Coppins 18th.

Chi Runners Over 35’s 2nd: Angela Carpenter 6th, Helen Pattinson 9th, Maria Bosio 16th.

This was the first time that Chi Runners had won two ladies team medals .


Chi Runners Over 50’s “A” Team, 3rd: David Dorning 4th, Tom Blaylock 10th, David Worcester 11th.

Chi Runners Over 50’s “B” Team, 9th: Tony Cooley 21st, Alastair Kennaugh 22nd, John Betts 31st.

Chi Runners Over 60’s, 5th: Martin Miller 6th, Peter Shaw 27th, John Holloway 29th.


Obviously a hard one last week as no one close to a full score but well done to those who tried and thanks for sending in your answers. This week’s challenge is at the head of this post.


Secretary on behalf of the Committee