Newsletter 24th April 2020

Week 5 Training Schedule & Quiz

Our best wishes to all, especially to those who are extremely busy at this time with essential services and not having enough time or the energy to go out running.

Chichester Runners' first Virtual Race Day – Saturday 25th April

Pick a 3km or 5km course & stick to that distance for Virtual Race Days (VRD). If unable to run on Saturday just perform the VRD on another day but still treat it as a RACE! Will Boutwood recommends trying new strategies for pre-race preparation and by all means contact me and I will put you in touch with one of our coaches. Remember to use running as a way to get some fresh air and stay active sticking, of course, to the government guidelines on Covid-19 and social distancing. 

Please post your VRD results and pictures on Facebook and send also to the club email address: chichesterrunners@googlemail.com

Good luck and we do appreciate for some it is difficult to get motivated for running for a variety of reasons during these difficult times.

Above is Will’s Training Schedule for next week.

Next Virtual Club Night

28th April – Q&A with Jenny Meadows. Link:



“I have had a long, intermittent, association with Chichester Runners & AC and thought that I would share some of the history and achievements of the Club (in my time) with you. I hope to revive memories of older members and inform newer members.

Chichester Runners & AC - May 1988 to April 1989.

This period was one with a heavy emphasis (at least from my records), of half marathons, so I am highlighting three. In all races I give details of runners who are either still in the Club or will be known to current members and apologise if anyone has been inadvertently excluded.

1st May 1988 - Selsey Half Marathon.

Race entries exceeded 500 and at least 22 from Chichester Runners recorded a sub 1 hour 30 minutes time. My only recollection from this race is being jet lagged having flown in from Toronto, late on the preceding night, on the same plane as “Eddie the Eagle”!

10th Richard Paver, 1:11:29. 22nd Phil Baker, 1:14:59. 30th Nigel Brooks, 1:16:23. 31st David Worcester, 1:16:25. 65th Denis Baker, 1:20:36. 79th Dave Pothecary, 1:21:34. 108th Terry Slade, 1:23:17. 111st Tony Cooley, 1:23:25. 154th Roger Swaffield, 1:26:11. 179th Warwick Turner 1:27:46.

211th David Harrop, 1:29:53. 257th John Irwin, 1:32:52.

23rd October 1988 - Barns Green Half Marathon.

There were in excess of 2,000 entries including 26 from Chichester Runners. The previous year’s race had had to be cancelled because of the devastation caused by the “Big Storm”.

6th Paul Froud, (unknown). 28th David Worcester, 1:16:22. 34th Dave Reynolds, 1:16:55. 107th Chris Benham, 1:22:07. 117th Ian Clark, 1:22:11. 290th Pat Weiss, 1:29:26. 324th Warwick Turner, 1:30:24. 348th Tony Cooley, 1:30:56. Places not known: Terry Slade and Andrew Moore, 1:42.

Graham Brooks, 1:45. Graham Jessop, 1:51. Dave Barty, 2:10.

2nd April1989 - 3rd Chichester Half Marathon (a different course to that now used).

Money raised was to help fund a body scanner at St. Richards Hospital. Race Director: Graham Jessop. Finish Judge: Martin Bilham. Race Starter: JUNE WHITIELD.

PRIZES  (Those were the days!):

1st 10 Men: 1. Training grant; 2. Weekend at 4* hotel; 3. Seven inch black and white TV; 4. Cordless two speed drill/screwdriver; 5.Large tote/carrier case; 6. Super strimmer; 7. In-flight bag; 8. Electric cable reel; 9. Jogging watch; 10. Sports bag.

1st 5 Ladies: 1. Microwave Oven; 2. Coffee cup and saucer; 3. Radio cassette player; 4.Vanity/beauty case; 5. Sports bag.

There were 1730 finishers (2,000 + entrants) with 47 from Chichester Runners.

Of the 47 Chi Runners: 7 ran sub 1 hour 20 minutes, 12 ran sub 1 hour 25 minutes, 19 ran sub 1 hour 30 minutes and 29 ran sub 1 hour 40 minutes.

Place and times for some of the members who will be known (apologies to those I have omitted).

8th Paul Froud, 1:10:06, 25th Dave Reynolds, 1:13:27, 40th Ian Clark, 1:15:04, 48th Nigel Brooks, 1:15:07, 61st David Worcester, 1:17:08, 90th Chris Benham, 1:18:34, 107th Phil Baker, 1:19:21,

140th Denis Baker, 1:20:32, 157th Brian Turner, 1:20:57, 225th Tony Hancock, 1:23:41, 263rd Dave Pothecary, 1:24:41, 277th Terry Slade, 1:25:15, 330th Tony Cooley, 1:26:26, 376th Pat Weiss, 1:27:38, 385th Warwick Turner, 1:28:02, 508th Frank Meaby, 1:31:41, 563rd Roger Swaffield, 1:33:41, 667th Joan White, 1:35:48, 837th Graham Brooks, 1:39:19, 956th David Barclay, 1:42:41,

1091st Katie Michael, 1:46:07, 1313th Andrew Moore, 1:52:59, 1460th Dave Barty, 1:58:42,

1474th Miriam Freeman, 1:59:26.

This was my last event for Chi Runners for some 8 years as I moved, successively, to Malaysia, London, and Pakistan to live and work. So, I will be “fast forwarding” to 1997 for my next trip down my Chichester Runners “memory lane”!”

Thank you David and it would be great to get some feed-back from those around the club at that time.


Only three recorded fully correct responses from the “Name the Transport” quiz, namely Lorna Cowan, Graham Jessop and Leon Perry. 

This week is birds with 30 cryptic clues to work out by next Thursday evening. If anyone wishes a copy of the answers do contact me.

Congratulations to John Miles (aged 69) who posted a brilliant time of around 3 hours 30 minutes for the marathon distance last Saturday supported appropriately by a cycling Tony Cooley.

Stay Safe & best wishes

John (Betts)

Secretary on behalf of the Committee