Newsletter 2nd November 2018

Sussex XC League

The Sussex XC League season begins rather belatedly at Stanmer Park, Brighton (BN1 9SE) on Saturday 10th November. For this event it is just turn-up and run with no need to pre-register. Entry cost is a very modest £5 for seniors, £4 for juniors from U13 to U20 and £3 for U11. All runners irrespective of race position gain points for the club and it is important for the standings to have full rather than part age related teams. Please do support the club irrespective of your pace and ability for such a fun team event on an epic XC course.                                                           


12:00                Under 11 Girls                                               2.0 km (1.2 Miles)

12:10                Under 11 Boys                                               2.0 km (1.2 Miles)

12.30               Under 13 Girls                                                 3.0 km (1.8 miles)

12.45               Under 13 Boys                                                3.0 km (1.8 miles)

13.00               Under 15 Girls                                                4.0 km (2.5 miles)

13.20               Under 15 Boys                                                4.0 km (2.5 miles)

13.40               Under 17 Men                                                 5.0 km (3.0 miles)

14.05               Under 17, U20, Sen & Vet women                  5.0 km (3.0 miles)

14.35               Under 20, Sen & Vet Men                               8.0 km (5.0 miles)

Training/Activities for next week.  

Monday 5th NovemberFor all sessions meet in Room 2, The Pavilion, Chichester College.

Foundation Group – Meet at 6:30 pm for a 6:45 pm start. A variety of sessions on offer led by Vikki, Helen, Amanda and the team.  

Run Chichester Beginners’ Group – Week 2 led by Mark. Meet at 6:30 pm.  

Structured Threshold Run – Week 2. 6k run with route details on Notice Board and explained each week. Meet at 6:30 pm for a 6:46 pm start.  


Development Group – Meet at 6:30 pm for a prompt start. Session “Meet and Greet” with runners (unequally matched) running to meet each other at pace with both returning to start point before going again for 25/30 minutes. Led by Amanda and Tom.


Stretch Class Week 8 in the upstairs gym room at the Chichester College from 7:45 pm. Duration one hour.  


Tuesday 6th NovemberMeet in Room 2, The Pavilion, Chichester College.

Event Group - Meet 6:30 pm for prompt start. Session of continuous 30 minutes hilly loop with hard run up and recover down led by Keith.


Wednesday 7th November For all sessions meet in Room 2, The Pavilion, Chichester College.

Development Group - Meet 6:30 pm for prompt start. Session is a jog up to East Broyle for 1200m reps of Worcester Road led by Amanda and Lorna.

Run Chichester Beginners’ Group – Week 2, led by Mark. Meet at 6:30 pm. 


Thursday 8th NovemberGroup run led by Vikki. Meet 6:30 pm at Tesco (Fishbourne) car park.  



After this Sunday (4th) the WSFRL programme shuts down until 1st January for the aptly named Hangover 5. We mentioned last week the proposal by the Crawley Crew Team to hold a match, but this is now likely to be in February to bridge the gap between the Hangover and the Lewes 10k on Easter Monday. Our thanks must go to Peter Anderson and Jill Renson for jointly managing the teams for this league during the year.  



On Sunday 28th October a squad of 21 went over to Lancing Manor for the penultimate WSFRL match in 2018 on what turned out to be a better late morning than predicted for this challenging five-miler up to Steepdown and back. The club finished in fourth place amassing total of 102 points. Our contingent in a field of 282 runners was 22nd Jason Snow, 48th Dan Busher, 50th Emma Hughes, 68th Tim Brown, 94th Jon McElhill, 96th Claudia Milburn, 98th Tony Cooley, 103rd Nadia Anderson, 111th Tom Blaylock, 114th Kevin Lockyear, 121st Elizabeth Robinson, 143rd Amanda Godfrey, 147th Nicola Jolly, 148th Emily Williams, 155th Tracy Lockyear, 161st Peter Anderson, 174th John Betts, 175th Jeremy Harrison, 193rd Sue Baker, 211st Ian Stevens and 255th Jill Renson.  

We had interest in the Valencia Half Marathon last Sunday with Chris Bird finishing in 114th place clocking 71.34, whilst Marcus Hammerton took 1.42.00 in 4572nd place. Well done chaps.

“Team Beck” joined over 2000 others for the epic and very challenging Beachy Head Marathon on Sunday 28th October. Eric clocked 5.52.32 in 1370th place, whilst it was 1992nd for Jennifer in a time of 7.23.27. Brilliant.    

Miscellaneous Notices,

As previously mentioned the club is likely to receive two club places for the 2019 London Marathon. In addition to those listed in the last Newsletter the following have been added to the ballot namely: Vicky Balandis, Kevin McGreal, Jane Taylor, Martin Hill, Simon Thompson, Clare Snow and Jan Hill. A reminder that the book will close on Wednesday 14th November and to qualify you must have been unsuccessful in your bid for 2019 event and have a current EA registration. 

We have just been informed that the club can have up to ten guaranteed places for the Brighton Marathon on Sunday 14th April 2019. The entry fee is £75. It is proposed to allocate on first come first served basis. Applicants will not have had to already applied for the race, but priority will be given to those with a current England Athletics registration.

Please submit your interest to John by responding to this message including anyone who is included in the “London” ballot for club place(s). We will not for that reason give the organisers for Brighton our list of names until after the AGM.      

Thanks to Amanda, Keith and Lorna for managing the Handicap race last evening. The results will be posted on FACEBOOK in due course.

Good luck to everyone running this weekend to include on Sunday the WSFRL match at Horsham (do contact Peter about entries on the day), the Sports Hall fixture, also at Horsham, for our juniors and the Hayling 10. A special good luck goes to Jason Boswell and Rick Pullen who jet over to New York for their marathon.   



It is imperative that everyone attending a club training session wears high-viz/reflective clothing and the Leaders reserve the right to exclude anyone not meeting this requirement. This includes those with head torches as your back also requires to be clearly visible to drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike.

Also, please be aware and respectful of pedestrians and other users of the pathway, especially when running in groups. Thank you all for your support in this regard.