Newsletter 3rd July 2020


We trust that everyone remains fit and well. As to running it is status quo with the club next week continuing with the “bubble” training groups for both seniors and juniors with everyone please adhering to Government advice on appropriate social distancing.

The Group Leaders met virtually on Wednesday evening and have agreed to continue the sessions for a further two weeks. It is essential that you communicate with your Group Leader if you cannot make a session as there is a waiting list with members who could take your space even if for just for the one week. Vacancies on groups will be shared on the club’s Facebook site. Helen Wilkins will be substituting as Group Leader for Marcus.


With the weekend 11th/12th July allocated for a virtual 5k time trial we suggest this weekend that those who require a challenge to do a 10k run but if not up for that just get out for a jog around the block.

Report from Mike Houston

“A different result that is perhaps loosely covered in our ‘Athletics’ name! I competed in the first ever British Indoor Virtual Rowing Championships last weekend. An open event with live races linking up over 1,300 participants from 30 different countries with ages ranging from year 8s to 80+. It was a very well organised event (when the technology worked!) with live commentary and interaction with some competitors. I was pretty tired come the finals but happy enough with the results in the 2000m (23rd in category with 6m 50s) and 500m (27th, 1m 34s) events.”


I have had a long, intermittent, association with Chichester Runners & AC and thought that i would share some of the history and achievements of the Club (in my time), with you. I hope to revive memories of older members and inform newer members.

January to March 2004.

This period saw a significant number of events with details on a cross section to follow but, in particular, a focus on the Corporate Challenge.

10th January 2004. Sussex Cross Country Championships. Brighton.

Senior Men. Team 4th but would have been 3rd had Jo Corbett not had to pull out at the halfway point. James Baker 4th, Joe Foreshaw 10th, Jim Garland 33rd, Rob Lee 38th, David Worcester 40th, Rob Wiggins 41st.

Other club runners: Amos Belcher, Alastair Kennaugh, Colin Harley, Philip Peters.

8th February 2004. Chichester Priory 10km (13th). 1200 Entries.

A huge apology to the ladies but I do not have a record of your results!

1st Tony Lambert (Alton), 30.45.

13th Jo Corbett, 33.40.

49th Gary Wright, 36.14.

55th David Worcester, 36.28.

67th Richard Moore, 36.59.

71st Mark Warrington, 37.14.

109th Martin Miller, 38.39.

140th David Bourne, 39.33.

142nd Terry Wright, 39.39.

143rd Tony Cooley, 39.40.

145th Colin Harley, 39.42.

155th Alastair Kennaugh, 40.09.

156th Tony Hancock, 40.10.

178th Kevin Lockyear, 40.49.

183rd Ray Allen, 41.01.

215th Shane Mott, 41.44.

226th Joe Russell-Wells, 41.56.

300th Philip Peters, 43.47.

314th Bob West, 44.05.

341st Richard Parker, 44.54.

389th Derek Pennicott, 45.51.

437th Daniel Treagust, 46.53.

536th John Holloway, 49.39.

570th David Williams, 50.36.

582nd Timothy Bell, 50.55.

608th Peter Shaw, 51.50.

653rd Dave Barty, 53.42.

705th Peter Robinson, 56.35.

710th Last Man, 57.34.

28th February 2004. Sussex Cross Country League. Bexhill.

Chi Runners Men’s A team, 2nd:

Individually: James Baker 3rd, Connor McLarnon 7th, David Worcester 21st, David Dorning 22nd, Rob Wiggins 27th, Chris Benham 31st.

B team: Martin Miller 35th, Terry Slade 37th, Alastair Kennaugh 39th, Colin Harley 41st, Philip Peters 43rd.

Seasons Results (4 events):

Team: Chi Runners “A” 3rd; Chi Runners “B” 6th – from 11 teams.

Individual – Men: James Baker 2nd. Under 20’s Connor McLarnon 3rd.

Corporate Challenge. 13th running of this series of races.

There is quite a lot to take in with the following but I have attempted to provide, as accurately as my resources allow, an overview of the composition of the races and individual times for Chi Runners members (bearing in mind that runners are not representing the Club).

RACE 1, 3rd March 2004. Competitors:

A Race = 84; B Race = 215; Primary Boys = 74; Primary Girls = 57; Girls (Years 7 to 10) = 26; Boys (Years 7 and 8) = 31; Boys (Years 9 and 10) = 12. Total = 499.

RACE  2, 17th MARCH 2004. Competitors:

A Race = 93; B Race = 203; Primary Boys =83; Primary Girls =61; Girls (Years 7 to 10) = 25; Boys (Years 7 and 8) = 33; Boys (Years 9 and 10) = 10. Total = 508.

RACE 3, 31st March 2004. Competitors:

A Race = 116; B Race = 188; Primary Girls = 51; Primary Boys = 81; Primary Girls (Years 7 to 10) = 23; Boys (Years 7 and 8) = 31; Boys (Years 9 and 10) = 7. Total = 497.

Despite some close guesses no one managed to come up with 2012 for the year of the tent team posing at Goodwood at the end of the Sussex XC Relay Championships.   


The Independent Review Board was again in action this week as a few answers were quite properly queried by participants. After remarking to be fair to all, congratulations go to Lis Peskett, Graham Jessop, Sue Barty and Lorna Cowan for a 100% correct response, closely followed by the “Worcester Duo” and the Liz & Sanchia double act with only one incorrect answer.

This week the quiz (see attachment above) includes 24 Sussex towns or villages to be identified from the clues, plus a mix of 26 questions including anagrams, missing links, general knowledge, and sport trivia. Do submit your answers for marking as it is good to know if the quizzes remain popular, or not.    

Best wishes

John (Betts)

Secretary on behalf of the Committee