Newsletter 5th June 2020


We trust everyone continues to remain well and taking some form of exercise.


Will’s weekly training schedule is linked above.

Organised Structured Training

The club hopes to restart training sessions in line with England Athletics’ guidance and in compliance with government rules on social distancing.


But to make it happen we need your help please! 

Firstly, we need to know the days and times you prefer i.e. the regular Monday and Tuesday times or other days/times? 

Secondly, and depending upon demand, we may also need additional helpers. 

As many will know, we will be limited to six runners per group or bubble, including a run leader, coach, or volunteer helper. The role of volunteer will be to help their bubble follow a training plan, which will be provided in advance of the session. This will also include a Covid-19 risk assessment. 

This approach allows the club to have many more groups than we would be able to if we have to have a coach or run leader in every bubble. If you would like to take part, please respond to chichesterrunners@googlemail.com stating first, second and third preference for day/time and whether you would like to be a group volunteer. 

We hope to start these sessions the week starting Monday 22nd June. In case anyone has not seen the recent EA guidance it can be accessed via this link:


Please make sure you have paid your 2020 subscription as places on these sessions will be strictly limited to paid up members only. 

Rehabilitation Sessions – Message from Will Boutwood

“I am offering rehabilitation sessions/consultations to members of Chichester Runners & AC during the lockdown. I will not be charging for these sessions/consultations, but instead ask that a donation be made to a just giving page I am going to set up to raise money for St. Wilfrid’s Hospice. 

This idea came to me as I am currently on furlough from work and have a lot of time on my hands. I wanted to do something for charity and thought using my trade and education would be the best way to do that. I would offer my services just to Chichester Runners & AC as we both know a lot of our runners struggle with acute and persistent injuries. 

Hopefully, this idea will benefit both St Wilfrid’s Hospice and also help our members at Chi Runners by educating them on any injuries they have and offering management strategies as well.

A little bit of a background on what I do and my qualifications. I am a fully qualified Sports Rehabilitator and insured by my governing body BASRaT. I currently work for The Fire Fighters Charity as an Exercise Therapist where I work with injured firefighters and assisting them to return to work. My scope is working with musculoskeletal conditions and injuries both short and long term. So, I work with a wide range of injuries, such as lower back pain & achilles tendinopathy (two prevalent conditions in distance runners).”

If you are interested and/or require more information, please contact Will direct via either   boutwood@outlook.com or 07921 453738.

Period 18th/21st June

Our next club challenge is a 3k time trial over the period 18th to 21st June. Either just do a run or if you wish to be a part of a virtual race (timing and distance requires to be electronically supported) you can sign up with the British Milers Club (free to enter) via this link:


Entries are limited to 1650 and please enrol under the club name.

Next Virtual Club Night

Tuesday 9th June with Olympian Katherine Merry providing a Q & A session. Click on Katherine Merry to book your place!   

Weekend 30th/31st May

We are aware of many of you going out for a run last weekend. Those posting their ingenuous map routes included Andrew Wingham (Water Bottle or Bell), Emily Bye (Miniature Dog), Trevor Baker (Rare Breed of Dog, probably now distinct!), Ian Knight (Self-portrait), Jill & Charlie Renson (Chi Run, plus Delilah), Claire Gwillym (Snake), Amanda Godfrey (Dog Bone or Shuttlecock), Laura Holder (Fish), David Maltby (Down, Shep. Down!), Elaine Cruttenden (Duck), Vicki, Warwick & Simon (Elephant), Helen Wilkins (Face), Sue Barty (Rabbit), Will Boutwood (Chi Run), Jon McElhill (Chi Run), Peter Anderson (Rhombus shape), Kevin Batt (Rat Run) & Andrew Whitfield (Running Shoe). Exceedingly difficult to pick a winner but your committee thought special mention should go to Jill, Charlie & Delilah, Vicki & family, and Andrew Whitfield. 

Congratulations to those who spotted 39 roads starting with the letters CHI RUN included in the 8-mile route map published last week. However, Sue Baker in a shorter 7-mile route around Chi managed to fit in 35 roads starting with the magic letters so unless someone else out there can offer a better count Sue is the winner of this particular challenge followed closely pro rata by Carol Palmer who achieved 20+ in her six-mile run around Chi.          


I have had a long, intermittent, association with Chichester Runners & AC and thought that I would share some of the history and achievements of the Club (in my time), with you. I hope to revive memories of older members and inform newer members.

January to June 2002.

KEY OFFICIALS: Helen Pattinson, (Chairman); Phil Baker, (Honorary Secretary); Chris Merrien, (Honorary Treasurer); David Dorning, (Membership Secretary); Martin Bilham (Coaching Coordinator); John Sheppard, (Child Protection Officer); Jill Renson and Tony Cooley (Fun Run League); Chris Benham, Kevin Lockyear, Rob Wiggins, Bob West (Coaches); Tony Beer, (Sports Hall).

The following gives a flavour of events during this six-month period when I continued to be out of the country during the week but endeavoured to be home (and competing for Chi Runners), at the weekend.

5th January 2002. Sussex Cross Country Championships. Falmer (near Brighton).

Girls Under 15’s: 1st Charlotte Browning. Team 2nd.

Boy’s Under 15’s: 1st Tom Bilham. Team 2nd.

Ladies: 2nd Team comprising Linda Spencer, Heather Longland, Persephone Hagan, Mary Collins, Jill Renson (reserve).

Men: “A” Team 5th. Comprising James Baker, David Dorning, David Worcester, Rob Wiggins, Mark Warrington, John Fisher.

Men. “B” Team comprising Chris Merrien, Brian Turner, Mark Ellard, Chris Benham, Alastair Kennaugh,  Philip Peters.

26th January 2002. South of England Cross-Country Championships, Parliament Hill.

“ In some of the worst conditions ever experienced for cross country racing”! (Chichester Observer 31st January).

Trying to stay dry and warm in the hours before the race (having gone to see the races preceding our final 9-mile event ), in gale force wind and rain, was impossible.

Eleven Chi Runners finishers (one short of the 12 required for the team trophy).

Six Scorers: Keith Toop, David Dorning, James Baker, David Worcester, Mark Warrington, John Fisher.

Non-Scorers: Chris Merrien, Joe Russell-Wells, Kim Maher, Phil Bevan, Paul Hollyfield.

3rd February 2002. Chichester Priory, 10km.

Men: 24 Chichester Runners, 718 finishers.

Chi Runners Team (James Baker, Gary Wright, David Worcester),  5th of 20.

1st Andy Morgan-Lee (Salford Harriers), 30.46.

10th James Baker, 32.22.

27th Gary Wright, 34.49.

42nd David Worcester, 36.02.

72nd Mark Ellard, 36.59.

76th Richard Moore, 37.09.

80th Brian Turner, 37.14.

84th Chris Merrien, 37.31.

92nd Nick Fenmor Collins, 37.47.

93rd Chris Benham, 37.47.

96th Tony Cooley, 37.50.

115th Mark Warrington, 38.31.

132nd Mike Cooper, 39.12.

139th Tony Hancock, 39.28.

181st Alastair Kennaugh, 40.52.

267th Colin Harley, 42.56.

457th Gary Tompsett, 47.48.

512th John Sheppard, 49.21.

513th Ian Godfrey, 49.26.

531st David Barclay, 50.09.

535th Andrew Moore, 50.15.

549th Graham Brooks, 50.30.

Ladies: 7 Chichester Runners, 317 finishers.

1st Marion Sutton (Westbury Harriers), 33.57.

3rd Jane Harrop (Havant AC), 1st Over 40,  37.14.

17 Tracy Slade, 40.52.

24 Kim Nelson, 42.59.

32nd Mary Collins, 44.04.

261st Tracy Jayant, 59.37.

292nd Lynn Harley, 1.04.58.

8th June 2002. South Downs Relay.

Men’s Veterans Over 40’s: Chi Runners Team 1st: David Dorning, David Worcester, Rob Wiggins, Tony Cooley, Richard Moore, Tim Boon.

Time: 11 hours, 8 minutes.

Men’s B  Team: Kevin Lockyear, John Thompson, David Pothecary, Pat Weiss, Graham Denney, Mike Cooper.

Ladies Team: Becky Froome, Jill Renson, Sue Allen, Mary Collins, Gillian Tooze-Hobson, Liz Bowers.


Another good response to last week’s quiz with the “Worcester” duo top of the tree with a 100% return closely followed by Sandra Pidwell, Lorna Cowan, Liz & Sanchia, Graham Jessop and the Bartys. A special mention for Gary Tompsett who entered this competition for the first time and had the distinction of submitting his response within three hours.

This week’s quiz is in two parts (see attachments at top of this Newsletter). The first part is to identify 25 items of clothing from the drawings. The second is 25 questions divided into three sections to test your knowledge of “Divination” techniques (choices provided), Premier Football League and a general knowledge assortment including as ever a couple of maths calculations to test the grey matter.     


Chichester Runners & AC Committee