Newsletter 8th May 2020


We hope everyone is remaining healthy and coping well during this difficult period for everyone.

For those following the workouts Will’s proposal for Week 7 is posted above. All those who expressed an interest in the Buddy/Mentor Scheme should have had by now direct contact from Jon McElhill.   

Club Marathon

Remember to get your teams together for the club marathon on Saturday 16th May. Please wear club vests (if not wearing fancy dress) and take a pic and post on the club’s Facebook page. If you are without a team let John know and he will put you in contact with others in the same situation.

Please would the elected Team Manager provide team name, names of runners, their distance and estimated time and estimated team time to be sent to John by email via chichesterrunners@googlemail.com by 10:00 pm on Thursday 14th May.

Amanda has kindly agreed to organise the following prizes:


1. Best fancy dress team (pics required).

2. Team who is closest to their estimated time. Please provide cumulative time for each team member's leg as lodged in advance.

3. Person who guesses by mid-night on Friday 15th May the nearest time to the fastest team’s time i.e. hours, minutes, and seconds. We plan to list the teams in next Friday's Newsletter.

Prelude to Virtual 26.2 Runs

Report from Trevor Baker:

“Four club members fed up with solo runs and our volunteer slot at the postponed London Marathon cancelled we took inspiration from last week’s Virtual Race Day. It was agreed we should run a marathon distance between us and make a charity donation so our goal was:-

4  Running Buddies / 4 Different Locations / 4 Different start times / I marathon distance - 6.5 miles each / Complete the Marathon distance in under 4 hours.

So the times and running orders on Saturday 2nd May were pre-agreed as:-

6.00am - Terry Goddard   Finished in 54 mins 59 sec (Ave Pace 8.20 /ml)
7.00am - Jo Prosser         Finished in 52 mins 33 sec (Ave Pace 7.59 /ml)
8.00am - Trevor Baker     Finished in 55 mins 25 sec (Ave Pace 8.30 /ml)
10.00am - Jo Brining    Finished in 54 mins 22 sec (Ave Pace 8.14 /ml)

So total running time 3 hours 37 minutes and 32 seconds

The weather was cold (I imagine) at 6.00am but warming up at sunrise to be quite hot by 8.00/9.00, the four locations (in order) were around the Witterings (Terry), Bosham (Jo P), Selsey (Trevor), Fishbourne & Bosham (Jo B)

We have decided to donate our contribution to St Wilfrid’s Hospice in Bosham as they have had to cancel all their fundraising events and close all their charity shops, their care and support to our community is first class and well known all of us, so 'Every Little Helps' (as the saying goes). To see their emergency appeal here’s the link 

Thanks to all the club members who sent us messages of support during our challenge. We would highly recommend something like this as a motivational event, memo to self - Organise another one!”


Excellent running by the four and thanks for the report Trevor.

The Betts/Baker family 26.2 also held last Saturday but with all going off from different locations at 9:00 am went well with the target of 3 hours 45 minutes being met with all five achieving their goals. James clocked 55.48 for his 10 miles around Runcton, Merston & Mundham, Sue 45.21 for her five miles around the city centre, Catherine 40.40 for her five miles along the A259 cycle path, Janice 43.31 for her three miles around Summersdale and John 27.01 for his 3.2 miles from home along West Broyle Road, Salthill and A259 finishing just past entrance to Clay Lane in Fishbourne Road East. Total = 3 hours 32 minutes 21 seconds and like Trevor’s team we also supported the St. Wilfrid’s Hospice 2.6 campaign.  

Next Virtual Club Night

12th May – The BIG EA Quiz – Through the EA Facebook page on Facebook live –



I have had a long, intermittent, association with Chichester Runners & AC and thought that I would share come of the history and achievements of the Club (in my time), with you. I hope to revive memories of older members and inform newer members.

Chichester Runners & AC - April to December 1999.

The Club committee at this time was: David Barclay (Chairman), Phil Baker (Secretary), Roger Swaffield (Treasurer), David Dorning, Bryan Fellick, John Fisher, Louise Parker, Joyce Porret and Renee Santema.

A quarterly Club Magazine was sent to all members which, apart from detailing all forthcoming races and race reports, published articles on all aspects of the club and its members. Examples of issues during this period included proposals of changes to the clubs constitution (co-ordinated by David Dorning); the implementation of a Chichester Runners & AC website to compliment the club notice board at the Westgate Centre (under the auspices of Rob Wiggins) and a detailed training programme (devised by Chris Benham). Correspondingly though it included cartoons, photographs, and recipes (Jill Renson’s “Brazil Nut Loaf” being a standout)!

The number of events involving the Club was significant and included the West Sussex Fun Run League; the McDonald’s Boys League (Under 13, 15 and 17); the Southern Men’s League and the Sussex Cross Country Leagues (Men and Women) as well as those organised by the Club i.e. the “Corporate Challenge”, the Midsummer 5”, the “Hares Reflecting Tortoises” and the “Trundle”.

The following are a snapshot of some of the range of competitions and some of the members taking part.

15th May 1999. Trundle Hill Race.

34 Chichester Runners competing.

MEN: 2nd James Baker, 7th Keith Toop, 18th David Dorning, 22nd Chris Merrien, 40th Terry Slade, 46th Tom Blaylock, 48th Tony Cooley, 54th Brian Turner, 67th David Pothecary, 102nd Warwick Turner, 148th Ray Adams.

WOMEN: 4TH Becky Bliss, 16th Renee Santema, 22nd Jan Coppins.

5th June 1999. South Downs Relay.

Men’s “A” team 4th (5 of the 6 being Veterans): David Dorning, Tim Bryan, David Worcester, Rob Wiggins, Andy Nicholson, John Fisher.

19th June 1999. 12 Hour Relay in The Hague.

Thirteen Club members travelled, and the A team won the event organised by HAAG Atletiek completing 160.35km in the 12 hours.

A team: Mike Cooper, Tony Cooley, David Dorning, Kevin Lockyear, David Pothecary, Mark Ellard.

B Team: David Barclay, Becky Bliss, Peter Colgate, Paul Mortimer, Joyce Porett, Renee Santema.

19th June 1999. 95-mile West Highland Way Race.

Tom Blaylock was in his element!

Tom started at 3.00 am on the 19th at Milingavie Railway Station and finished at 11:46pm in 5th position. Apparently, the weather became so awful that the event came close to being called off after about 100k, but Tom missed the cut that was imposed behind him and battled through to the conclusion at Fort William.

30th October 1999. Sussex Cross Country League (Goodwood).

Senior Women 4th. Gemma Weiss, Becky Froome, Paula Mott, Jill Renson.

Senior Men (3 Vet 40’s) 3rd: James Baker, David Dorning, Rob Wiggins, David Worcester.

5th December 1999. Sussex Veterans Cross Country Championships (Crawley).

Men 3rd: David Dorning, David Worcester, Rob Wiggins, Chris Merrien.

Two Footnotes to 1999:

  1. At the AGM on the 22nd September senior subscriptions were raised from £15 to £20.
  2. On the 18th November, the Chichester Observer ran a major article on Phil Baker which recounted his prowess as an athlete (including winning the Sussex 5,000 metre title at Brighton in 1970), through establishing and nurturing Chichester Runners through 15 years.


Many thanks to all those who correctly identified the two missing abbreviations and for the record they were:

6 O1HADOTO = 6 of one, half a dozen of the other.

21 GAIRS = 21 Gun Artillery in Royal Salute or 21 gnomes agitating in Ray’s Shed. 

In respect of the “abbreviation” quiz fully correct responses were received from Jill Renson, Winston Bond, Chris Merrion, Sue & Dave Barty and Leon & Ellen Perry. As to the main quiz for last week the only 100% response was from Lorna Cowan. 

This week there are 50 Qs’ including link words, identifying animals and English place names. 

Enjoy and do send in your answers please.

Stay Safe & Best wishes

From the Chichester Runners & AC Committee