Winter Training

From October till March training takes place in Chichester on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. 

All senior groups meet at the club's winter training base Chichester College Sports Pavilion next to the College Sports Hall (and aeroplane fuselage) at 6:30 pm. There is now a small parking charge to use the college car park but members for £1 can purchase a parking permit at the Sports Hall reception desk.

On the first Thursday in the month (see Calendar) the club will hold a Handicap Event on a course of 3.68 miles. Please open the link below for site of the course. On the other Thursdays there are Group Evening Runs starting at various locations within the Chichester area.  

Handicap Route Handicap Route (667 KB)

Results from Winter Handicap Series Race 1

For more information on the location of the club's winter training base see links below:

Chichester College Sports Centre

Directions to Sports Pavilion

Confirmation of the following week's training sessions are included in the club's Newsletter emailed to members on a weekly basis (normally Friday mornings) as well as published as a blog on the Home Page of this website.


Chichester Runners & AC Wednesday Evening Winter Season Interval Training,

October – December 2017, meet at the Chichester College Pavilion, 6.30pm

All abilities welcome.

Sessions will consist of the following: A warm up, jog to training site, drills, stretching at site, jog back to the College.

The number of reps is an indication of what runners could achieve in the time available.

4th 200m run/150m recovery reps on the Chichester College track, 30 minutes continuous.
11th 5 x 1000m reps, Corporate Challenge circuit, 120 second static recovery, starting at the Assembly Rooms, North Street.
18th 16 x 150m hill reps Montague Road with jog back down recovery.
25th Liz Yelling, sprint/bridge reps at Westgate (by Bishop Luffa School).

1st 5 x 1200m Worcester Road with 120 seconds static recovery.
8th 12 x 400m North & East Street with a mix of 60/120 seconds static recovery.
15th 900m fartlek session, starting at the Chichester Cross – East Street – left into Little London – left into Priory Lane – left into St Peter’s – left into North Street, 30 minutes continuous effort.
22nd Kenyan Hills, cul-de-sac opposite John Betts House, Worcester Road, East Broyle, 30 minutes continuous effort.
29th 300m Bus Stop, Wells Crescent – Exeter Road – East Broyle Green footpath, 30 minutes continuous effort.

6th 15 x 200m hill reps Oaklands Park footpath with jog back recovery, 120 seconds recovery every 5 reps.
13th Liz Yelling, sprint/bridge reps at Westgate (by Bishop Luffa School).
20th 3.5 mile zig-zag paced run around Chichester City Centre.

• Maps will be available at the start of the evening to clarify new routes.
• High visibility clothing must be worn at all times. 
• Please note some schedules may change due to the weather or unforeseen circumstances.

Contact: Amanda Godfrey – 07702780029    Lorna Cowan – 07810780868