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On this page coaches/leaders will find documents and forms intended for their use as required.

Accident Report Forms

All incidents that involve injury or illness to a member(s) of a group that you are leading must be reported on the Accident Report Form that can be downloaded here. Once completed please send it to Helen Dean who will co-ordinate all forms. Helen will look for anything that may require follow up action, ensuring we learn from the incident and change any practise if necessary. If the incident is serious please ensure it is brought to the immediate attention of the Helen and the club - ensure the form is sent off immediately. In all cases forms should be sent to Helen within 24hours of the incident occurring.

Any concerns or worries about filling in the form please contact Helen for help. Please send the form as an attachment to Helen's email address:

Click here for the accident report form.

Risk Assessments 

Run England produced a generic risk assessment for club training sessions that all leaders/coaches need to be aware of. Most is common sense but there is always the possibility that we need to be reminded of the potential for an accident which is where the Risk Assessment can help to remind us all to apply some simple checks to a proposed training session.

The form can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:

Risk Assessment checks