Newsletter 12th June 2020

Will's Weekly Training Schedule, Weekly Quiz Part 1 & Weekly Quiz Part 2

Welcome to another Newsletter that we hope finds everyone well.

Jon, Amanda, and Vicky are busy working on the training “bubble” groups with over 50 interested participants. Those involved will be informed about the arrangements with instructions during next week. There has been well over thirty responses for a similar re-start for the Junior Section.    


Will’s weekly training schedule is posted above. 


Period 18th/21st June

A reminder that our next club challenge is a 3k time trial over the period 18th to 21st June. Either just do a run or if you wish to be a part of a virtual race (timing and distance requires to be electronically supported) you can sign up with the British Milers Club (free to enter) via this link:


Entries are limited to 1650 and please enrol under the club name. Whilst several club members have signed up already.  

Research Survey

“My name is Emily Russell and I have been a member of the Club since moving to the area in 2014.  I am conducting a survey for an extended project qualification at my school (Portsmouth Grammar) and with the club’s permission, would be grateful for your help.

The title of my project is going to be “The Impact of nerves on sports performance”.

I have always competed in sprints. I have chosen to research this area because as I have got older, I have suffered with really bad nerves just before a race. Whilst this does not seem to impede my performance, it does mean I am sometimes sick at the end of the race that I think is due to all the adrenaline and is, as you can imagine, really embarrassing. This is now also impacting on my nerves...

I would have liked to have done a more practical research project (i.e. try and use some nerve reducing techniques on myself and see if they work) but due to the current situation, like you, I am unlikely to attend any competitions this summer so I am having to do this more as a research project. 


If you would like to take part, please click on the link below (should take less than 2 minutes) I would be really grateful! Thank you in advance for your help.



I have had a long, intermittent, association with Chichester Runners & AC and thought that I would share some of the history and achievements of the Club (in my time) with you. I hope to revive memories of older members and inform newer members.

July to December 2002.

With my continuing to be out of the country during the week my involvement with Chi Runners was restricted to weekends when I would always endeavour to make myself available for team events (track & field/cross country) and local road races. The following is a “snapshot”.

15th June 2002. Southern Athletics League, Guildford.

This is an example of the team that was put out to represent the club during the track & field season which, on this occasion, had special resonance for me as it was the one and only time that I competed in a Steeplechase event and the only time that I ran in a 4 x 400 metre relay. I was very much the veteran (I would be 50 on my next birthday) and was on hand to make up the numbers!


Hammer and Shot – Roy Sargent, Janeck Maciejewski.

400m Hurdles – Ed Armah, David Bourne.

100m – Nick Lawton, Ed Armah.

800m – Gary Wright, David Bourne.

High Jump – Kevin Wilson, Ollie Easthope.

Triple Jump – Ollie Easthope, Jonathan Brown.

5000m - James Baker, Gary Wright.

Sprint Relay – Jonathan Brown, Ed Armah, Nick Lawton, Ollie Easthope.

3000m Steeplechase – James Baker, David Worcester.

4 x400m Relay – David Bourne, Ollie Easthope, James Baker, David Worcester.

8th September 2002. BUPA Great South Run. Portsmouth.

Europe’s largest participation 10-mile race. Finishers = 7125.

1st. Simon Kisamili (Kenya), 47.27.

12th/1st Lady. Sonia O’Sullivan, 51.00.

23rd. James Baker, 53.51.

60th/1st Over 45. David Worcester, 58.27.

120th. Jonathan Worcester, 1.01.12.           

163rd. Keith Toop, 1.02.50.

258th. Mark Warrington, 1.05.55.

332nd. Alastair Kennaugh, 1.07.30.

333rd. Andrew Harrop, 1.07.30.

495th. Kevin Lockyear, 1.09.56.

568th. Donald Campbell, 1.10.59.

569th. Duncan Campbell, 1.11.00.

660th. Tony Hancock, 1.12.13.

6159th. Francine Hedley-Goddard, 1.52.30.

28th September 2002. South of England Road Relays, Aldershot.

Over 100 clubs participated, and this was the first time that Chi Runners had competed.

Men’s Vets Team: Rob Wiggins, Chris Benham, Alastair Kennaugh, David Worcester.

Several junior teams represented the club with Lauren (Under 15’s) and Duncan (Over 15’s) Kennaugh, supporting their elderly Dad!

5th October 2002. Goodwood Cross Country Relays.

After a break of a few years.

  1. Senior Men: 1st. Gary Wright, Mark Warrington, Chris Bird, James Baker.

Individual Times: 2nd Chris Bird, 3rd James Baker.

  1. Veteran Men, A team: 1st: Rob Wiggins, Tony Cooley, Andy Nicholson, David Worcester.

Individual Times: 1st Andy Nicholson, 2nd David Worcester, 3rd Rob Wiggins.

  1. Veteran Men, B team: Chris Benham, Tom Blaylock, Alastair Kennaugh, Dennis Baker.

24th October 2002. Sussex Cross Country League, Goodwood.

This event identifies the significant number of Chi Runners men who regularly turned out for the Club in cross country league events. On this day there were 19 Club representatives with ten finishing in the top 40. Those running were: James Baker, Gary Wright, Jonathan Worcester (U20), David Dorning, Andy Nicholson, Nick Fenmor Collins, Rob Wiggins, Mark Warrington, Jonathan Morley, David Worcester, Tony Cooley, Terry Slade, Chris Benham, Alastair Kennaugh, Colin Harley, Dennis Baker, Pat Weiss, Jim Vogt and Peter Robinson.

7th December 2002. Sussex Veterans Cross Country Championships. Eastbourne.

  1. This race had great significance for Chi Runners as it was the first Gold medal for the Over 40’s Veterans after 18 years and several near misses and was to be the last race in this age group for David Dorning and myself before we moved into the “Over 50’s” category to join Rob Wiggins who had just turned 50!

Team: Gary Wright, Andy Nicholson, David Dorning and David Worcester.

On a personal note, I was concerned as to whether I would be able to make this race as, having flown in from Luxembourg , driven to Eastbourne and run, I then had to drive straight to Heathrow to catch a flight to Australia. Had I not pressured the officials to make the issuing of our medals a priority, I would have struggled to make my flight!

Also running Chris Merrien, Tony Cooley, Tony Hancock.

  1. Master’s (Over 50), Team 2nd: Rob Wiggins, Brian Turner, Alastair Kennaugh.

Individual 3rd: Rob Wiggins.

  1. Ladies Over 35, Team 4th: Gillian Tooze-Hobson, Persephone Hagan, Jill Renson.

Local Run Routes

Now that we can run in small groups, I thought some of you may like to try an off-road circular six miler from Goodwood Counters Gate car park taking in parts of Selhurst and Halnaker Parks.

The Goodwood Counters Gate car park is spacious with the entrance off Racecourse Road just past the right-hand bend at end of the racecourse straight. Exit car park, cross the road, over the bank and turn right along the path to where it finishes at crossroads. Turn left down road for 10 metres before taking footpath on left into the woods. Path ends at road, cross over and take rather overgrown footpath up slope on other side of the road. Where this footpath meets after about 20 metres another footpath turn right before exiting the thicket into a field. Keep to the hedge line on your right going up towards and round a muck heap. Turn left over the centre of the field into Sheffield Forest. At T-junction turn left (if you wish to save one mile just turn right instead) and follow the main track down towards East Dean. Just before path exits the woods turn sharp right and take the footpath that takes you round and back up the slope going through an open area with a lovely vista across the valley before re-entering the woods. Where footpath meets main track turn left and just before the road turn left. At second main entrance to Woods on your right follow footpath sign across the road, over style and into a field. Turn right, follow the mowed edges around the field and down grass slope to footpath. Turn right and follow this path where you turn left about 100m from where it reaches the road. This becomes a lovely one-mile downward run towards Halnaker Park. Where the track flattens out, look for a footpath on right that takes you up reasonably steeply through the woods. At opening turn right onto track and at entrance to the road follow the footpath on right along the hedge line. At end cross over road and take footpath opposite, go across field, over style and up the hill back to the car park. 


A good response this week to the quiz with Lorna Cowan top of the pile with all answers correct. Do submit your answer sheets please as it is nice to see how many people are actively doing the weekly quiz to gage whether to continue as we are now move to more flexible times. This week is again in two parts (see attachments above) with the 40 questions in Part 2 a real mixed bag.  


Best wishes

John (Betts)

Secretary on behalf of the Committee