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Newsletter 13th November 2020


As posted last week there will be no group running activity during the period of the current restrictions. The club hopes to restart on Sunday 6th December (trail run) with group training from Monday 7th December. Meanwhile if anyone requires a “buddy” partner do contact either your Group Training Leader or Jon McElhill ( 

If anyone wishes to contribute an article, then please do so. Regretfully this week’s offering, apart from David Worcester’s continued excellent series of archives, is rather spare on content.     

President’s Archives

I have had a long, intermittent, association with Chichester Runners & AC and thought that I would share some of the history of the Club (in my time), with you. I hope to revive memories of older members and inform newer members.

January to December 2015.
4th April 2015. Sussex Road Relays, Christ’s Hospital.
Men Over 60. Chi Runners “A” Team, 2nd: Rob Wiggins, David Worcester, David Dorning.
                                            “B” Team 5th: Andy Harrop, Tom Blaylock, Tony Cooley.
Apologies to other participants but I do not have your results!

11th June 2015. Midsummer 5.
1st James Baker, 26.15.
7th Mike Houston, 28.56.
8th Jim Garland (1st Over 50), 29.19.
11th Stephen Davy, 29.30.
13th Mike Neville, 29.44.
21st Matt de Lacy, 31.11.
27th Jane Harrop, 32.25.
29th Keith Akerman, 32.39.
33rd Michael Ridley, 32.59,
38th Gary Williams, 33.08.
40th Justin Eggins, 33.13.
44th David Worcester, 33.32.
47th Nick Palmer, 33.46.
54th Andrew Moore, 34.36.
63rd Andy Wingham, 35.17.
70th Stefano Cerea, 35.41.
71st Mike Moorcroft, 35.48.
79th Mark Jennings, 36.24.
88th Sarah Edwards, 36.53.
93rd Nicky Hill, 37.13.
98th Steve Searle, 37.24.
109th Kevin Batt, 37.55.
110th Norman Marshall.
113th Andrew Harrop,38.03.
131st Kevin Lockyear, 38.57.
158th Sonsoles Acosta, 40.57.
159th Nick Taylor, 41.04.
176th Ben Wood, 42.00.
179th Karen Miles, 42.08.
200th Kirstin Ridley, 43.29.
320 Finishers.

21st November 2015. Sussex Cross Country League. Bexhill.
Chi Runners “A” Team, Division 1, 7th: James Baker, James McKenzie, Harry Pink, Will Calloway, John Bullard, Derry Lozano-Hoyland.
Chi Runners “B” Team, Division 3, 7th: David Worcester, Jason Boswell, Tom Blaylock.
Chi Runners “C” Team: Andy Wingham, Tony Cooley, Dave Reading.
Chi Runners “D” Team: Paddy Clark, Peter Shaw, Peter Anderson.
Chi Runners “A” Team, Division 1, 3rd: Rosie Ellis, Grace Wills, Jane Harrop, Charlotte Reading.
Chi Runners “B” Team, Division 2, 2nd: Karina Bennett, Amber Westron, Emma Hughes.
Chi Runners “C” Team, Division 2, 14th: Jade Elphick, Nadia Anderson, Sue Baker.

John (Betts)
Secretary on behalf of the Committee