Newsletter 14th August 2020


We continue with the training groups for both seniors and juniors next week. Please ensure you tell your Group Leader if you cannot attend a particular session.

This weekend no particular challenge other than just to get out and have a run of some sort.

Moonlight Walk Week

The St Wilfrid’s Hospice much loved annual Moonlight Walk will now be going virtual from Saturday 5th September to 12th September 2020. Participants can walk 5 or 10 miles during the Moonlight Walk Week, that is the equivalent to 10,000 or 20,000 steps. Those seeking to become superstar walkers can complete the challenge in their own time, at their own pace  and at a time of day that suits. The walk can take place in your home and/or garden, or be completed as part of your daily exercise, in accordance with latest government guidance. Further information and details for signing on are available at stwh.co.uk/moonlightwalk.


In case anyone missed yesterday’s email below is message about restart of the club’s yoga classes.

“The club is aiming to restart Katie Michael's popular YOGA Class in September.

It will be a five-week course starting on Friday 11th September and running through until Friday 9th October. The proposal is for two "one-hour" classes on Friday evenings at 4:30 pm and 6:00 pm. The venue for both classes will be the Newell Centre as the College's Multi-Use room is currently unavailable.

The cost of the course will be £20 but free to those who had paid for the course in progress prior to the lockdown. The maximum permissible number for each class is 15 in the large room at the Newell Centre.

Please contact me soonest if you are interested in attending the class giving your preferred time(s) as well as confirming if you have a fee credit.”


I have had a long, intermittent, association with Chichester Runners & AC and thought that I would share some of the history of the Club (in my time), with you. I hope to revive memories of older members and inform newer members.

January to June 2007.

13th January 2007. Sussex Cross Country League, Stanmer Park.

Senior Men: Chi Runners Team (6 to score) 3rd.

James Baker 2nd, Jonathan Worcester 5th, Paul Bleach 6th, Andy Nicholson 20th, Aaron Hancock 45th, David Worcester 47th. This was the first time Chi Runners had three of the first six finishers in a league race. Also running: Martin Miller 84th and Alastair Kennaugh 92nd.

3rd March 2007. Sussex Cross Country League. Final race of the season, Lancing Manor.

Senior Men: Chi Runners Team (6 to score) 2nd, highest placing of the season.

James Baker 1st, Paul Bleach 6th (1st Over 40), David Worcester 28th (1st Over 50), James Pennicott 29th, David Dorning 31st, Rob Wiggins 35th. Also running Aaron Hancock 41st  & Nick Casburn 47th.

Individual Results for the Season:

Senior Men: 1st James Baker.

Men Over 50: 1st David Dorning, 2nd David Worcester.

7th April 2007. Sussex Road Relay Championships. Christ’s Hospital.

Master’s Men Over 50.

Chi Runners “A” Team 1st  (35.12): Rob Wiggins (11.50), David Dorning (11.47), David Worcester (11.35).

“B” Team 6th (39.28): Alastair Kennaugh (13.07), Colin Harley (12.45), Tom Blaylock (13.36).

Individual Times: 1st David Worcester, (11.35); 2nd Paul Gasson, Arena 80, (11.36); 3rd Bob Novis, Phoenix A (11.38). N.B. Only 4 seconds split the first three fastest individual times!

Master’s Men Over 60.

Chi Runners Team 1st (39.27, a course record): Martin Miller (12.28), Terry Slade (13.22), Ray Allen (13.37). Individual Times: 2nd Martin Miller (12.28), 3rd Terry Slade (13.22).

Senior Men.

Chi Runners Team 4th: Chris West (10.45), James Baker (10.06), Jonathan Worcester (10.26), Andy Nicholson (11.08), Aaron Hancock (11.27), Michael Neville (11.22).

Senior Ladies.

Chi Runners Team 2nd: Lydia Growns, Michelle Quaid, Linda Spencer.

First ever Chi Runners ladies’ team to gain a medal in this event. Linda Spencer had the individual fastest time (11.03).

Ladies Over 40.

Chi Runners Team 7th: Tracy Jayant, Sue Barty, Lynn Harley.

Ladies Over 50.

Chi Runners 1st: Liz Bowers, Jane Leonard, Suzanne Holford.

First ever team gold for the Over 50’s ladies.

Chi Runners were the top club overall in the 2007 Sussex Road Relays.

20th June 2007. Midsummer 5.

1st James Baker, 25.37.

7th Chris West, 27.55.

15th Keith Toop, 29.02.

19th David Dorning, 29.36.

20th David Worcester, 29.40.

24th Kevin  McGreal, 30.12.

26th Nick Casburn, 30.12.

41st Martin Miller, 33.12.

46th Fay Cripps, 33.33.

47th David Pike, 33.51.

48th Alastair Kennaugh, 33.52.

49th Philip Peters, 33.54.

53rd Stephen Hasler, 34.12.

56th Jenni Harley, 34.27.

There were 235 finishers. Apologies to those I have left off, but I have no further detail!


Best of the bunch last week were David Worcester and Graham Jessop with a little help from their friends. This week’s challenge is attached.


Run of the Week

This week is a four and half flat run that takes in parts of last year’s “Monthly Handicap” route with the start and finish at the Chichester Canal Basin. 

Follow the canal path down to Hunston Bridge. At main road turn right, cross over at mini roundabout and follow the B2145 footpath into the village and at shop turn left into Southover Way. 

At end of road go into the fields and turn immediately left and take footpath around the edge of the field to a style on left. Go over style and take footpath around edge of the fields into North Mundham. 

At road turn left, go through the village to the main road. Cross over and take track by side of school (School Lane) and where this path splits take the left-hand fork that follows footpath between two lakes. 

At end of footpath turn right onto the B2145 footpath, cross over and then cross over the A27 by-pass via the pedestrian bridge. Proceed along the A27 by-pass, going past petrol station and take path on right after crossing the bridge for the canal returning along the canal path back to the Canal Basin. 

John (Betts)

Secretary on behalf of the Committee