Newsletter 15th May 2020

Next week's Training Schedule & Weekly Quiz

We trust everyone remains well and able to take advantage sensibly of the slightly reduced restrictions. Will’s weekly training schedule can be accessed via the above link.

Club Team Marathon 

We have seventeen teams for Saturday’s (16th May) club team marathon consisting overall of ninety-four participants. Teams in number range from three to nine members with varied distances to meet the 26.2 miles. Of interest locations for the runs range from the City Centre, Hunston, West Wittering, Middleton, Emsworth and much further afield namely Cardiff, Ripon, and Worksop. Do wear your club vest, unless you are wearing fancy dress, and take a pic and send them in please, plus post on the club’s Facebook page.  

Please would the elected Team Managers let John have individual/team times afterwards.

A reminder that there are on offer the following prizes:

1. Best fancy dress (pics required).

2. The team who is closest to their estimated time.

3. Person who guesses by 9:00 am Saturday morning the nearest time to the fastest team’s time i.e. hours, minutes, and seconds. Please email John accordingly and this is open to everyone. 

Do take care as this is not a race but an opportunity for the club to stay in touch with each other and hopefully motivate everyone. As they say at “parkrun” you can always get a PB another time!

For those who wish to donate to St. Wilfrid’s Hospice (do mention the Chi Run 26.2 Challenge) one link to make a payment is via:


Next Virtual Club Night

Tuesday 19th May – Q&A with Hayley Carruthers – click here to book.


I have had a long, intermittent, association with Chichester Runners & AC and thought that I would share some of the history and achievements of the Club (in my time), with you. I hope to revive memories of older members and inform newer members.

Chichester Runners & AC. January to June 2000.

During this period, I was only in the country for part of each weekend.

The quarterly Club Magazine that was posted to all members incorporated a range of articles as well as specific races and event details.

Examples include:

-          Interviews with Roger Freeman and Sue Allen.

-          Chris Benham writing about “Salt Intake”, “Good Health on Tap” “Iron” and “The Rough Guide to Stretching and Flexibility”.

-          Mike Cooper writing about “Trials and Tribulations of a Long-Distance Runner”.

-          Roger and Miriam Freeman writing about “Planning Summer Trail Runs”.

-          Me writing “Running – An Antidote to International Commuting” and collaborating with David Dorning to write, “What’s in a Name (David)” - detailing our different approaches to running.

-          Tom Blaylock writing about his participation in the 95-mile West Highland Way Race on the 17th June.

-          Recipes from Jill Renson and Renee Santema including  “Leek and Cheese Soup”, “Pasta Salad” and “Spinach Salad”.

-          Various race reports.

If anyone would like to receive copies of any of the above, I would be happy to oblige.

Additionally there was a full calendar of events not least the West Sussex Fun Run League, and “Saw Dust Runs” as well as the Sunday Morning Runs from the Festival Theatre through to track events and mentoring by Martin Bilham (1970 England 400m Champion; won a bronze medal in England’s 4 X 400m relay team at the 1970 Commonwealth Games).

The following provide a snapshot of some of the range of competitions and some of the members taking part.

8th January 2000. Sussex Cross Country Championships.

-          Boys U13. 1st Tom Bilham (went on to gain national standing and nephew of Martin).

-          Girls U13. 1st Charlotte Browning (subsequently gained national standing with 6th place in the World Youth Championships at 1500m in July 2003 and two National Collegiate Athletic Association track titles when at the University of Florida), 20th Hannah Adams, 24th Lauren Kennaugh.

-          Boys U15. 11th Jonathan Worcester, 13th Jonathan Moorely, 18th Connor McLarnon.

-          Girls U15. 16th Victoria Adams.

-          Senior Women (3rd Team). 12th Gemma Weiss, 15th Sue Allen, 19th Becky Froome, 22nd Louise Parker, 24th Jill Renson.

-          Senior Men (4th Team). 15th James Baker, 26th David Worcester, 29th John Fisher, 32nd Chris Merrien, 39th Mike Cooper, 56th Tom Blaylock, 60th Alastair Kennaugh, 73rd Ray Adams.

9th January 2000. West Sussex Fun Run League. Plumpton (7.5k).

1st James Baker, 21st Mike Cooper, 78th Kevin Lockyear, 112th Gemma Weiss, 164th Jill Renson, 166th Louise Parker, 174th Dave Barty, 205th Jan Voigt, 222nd Jim Voigt, 238th Sue Barty.

29th January 2000. Southern Counties Cross Country Championships. Parliament Hill.

In finishing order:

-          U13 Boys. Nick Koronka, Tom Bilham, Sam Brook, David Bourne.

-          U15 Boys. Jonathan Worcester, Connor McLarnon, David Bourne.

-          Women. Gemma Weiss, Gemma Prickett, Louise Parker, Jill Renson, Joyce Porrett, Becky Froome (injured, dnf).

-          Men. Pep Fornes, David Dorning, Chris Merrien, David Worcester, Mike Cooper, Tom Blaylock, John Thompson, Alastair Kennaugh, John Pitts, Ray Allen, Peter Colgate, Phil Baker.

Especially memorable as Chi Runners won the Sussex Cup but only because Phil Baker ran as the 12th runner (12 needed to score), when there was an unexpected withdrawal. It was almost dark when Phil finished the gruelling 9-mile course and, to quote David Dorning, “ they don’t make them like that anymore”!

6th February 2000. Chichester Priory 10k.

Women (307 finishers, Chi Runners 7th team):

3rd and 1st Vet Lady, Jane Harrop (Havant); 27th Gemma Weiss 41.24; 46th Sue Allen 43.30; 49th Becky Frome 44.09; 67th Katie Michael 45.46; 73rd Jill Renson 46.03; 80th Louise Parker 46.51; 96th Renee Santema 48.04; 216th Rosie Turner 56.09.

Men (725 finishers, Chi Runners 4th team):

15th James Baker 33.10; 31st David Worcester 35.02; 53rd David Dorning 35.50; 77th Chris Merrien 36.40; 102nd Mike Cooper 37.30; 159th Ray Allen 39.04; 182nd Alastair Kennaugh 39.39; 289th Kevin Lockyear 42.14; 420th Richard Moore 45.24; 531st Alan Rowley 48.38; 559th Dave Barty 49.28; 565th Graham Brooks 49.32.

15th March 2000. Race 2, Corporate Challenge.

Many Chi Runners but notably:

A race: 4th Keith Toop, 14.35.

B race: 1st Chris West, 16.00; 2nd James Baker, 16.15. So much for the 18-minute rule!

24th April 2000. West Sussex Fun Run League. Lewes.

2nd James Baker, 11th David Dorning, 56th Tony Cooley, 120th Helen Pattinson, 187th David Grunwell, 189th Philip Peters, 208th Mike Cooper, 241st Jill Renson, 252nd Dave Barty, 265th Ray Adams, 356th Sue Barty.

2nd June 2000. South Downs Relay.

Chichester Runners Winning Over 40’s Veteran Team:

David Dorning, David Worcester, Chris Merrien, Rob Wiggins, Tom Blaylock, Tony Cooley.

Time: 11 hours 16 minutes.


Many thanks to those who responded to last week’s quiz and if anyone requires the answers do just ask John. Well done to Leon & Ellen Perry who filed a fully correct answer sheet, whilst your quizmaster was very mean by docking half a point from Sue & Dave Barty, Winston Bond and Lorna Cowan (the latter‘s score upped on appeal!). This week (see link above) should meet everyone’s taste as the mix of 50 questions are reasonably straightforward. Enjoy. 


From Chichester Runners & AC Committee