Newsletter 17th July 2020


Next week the club continues with the “bubble” training groups for both seniors and juniors.

Will’s weekly training schedule will be posted in due course on the club’s Facebook page.

This weekend no particular challenge other than just to get out and have a run of some sort.

Perhaps inevitably the organisers of the Chichester Half Marathon scheduled for Sunday 4th October have decided to cancel the event for this year.

Virtual 5k Time Trail

Once again, a number of club members last weekend took to the paths, tracks, and byways around the area, plus Jeremy who outdid everyone by running continuously uphill in Boscastle, to run a 5k time trial. In no particular order those who posted a time were: Colin Hancock 22.35, Catherine Betts 25.19, Terry Mahoney 32.17, Ian Knight 34.56, Tony Cooley 22.09, Jane Taylor 28.11, Mike Houston 16.31, Richard Holder 18.35, Keith Akerman 18.20, Nadia Anderson 22.11, David Knowles 22.26, Trevor Baker 23.56, Peter Anderson 24.45, Elaine Cruttenden 28.54, Conrad Meagher 17.00, Vanessa Anthony 27.20, Mary McCutchen 23.51, Jeremy Harrison 42.03, Phil Faulkner 32.35, Andrew Moore 22.34, Sue Barty 26.12, Jon McElhill 21.07 & John Betts 26.14. A great effort by everyone and some great times. 


I have had a long, intermittent, association with Chichester Runners & AC and thought that I would share some of the history of the Club (in my time), with you. I hope to revive memories of older members and inform newer members.

July to December 2004.

This was a period of “two halves” which included me having four races in three weekends and then not being able to compete for five months, due to a stress fracture of my right ankle, incurred when running in the Barns Green half marathon!

19th September 2004. New Forest Marathon.

5th (1st Over 45 and 1st Over 50), David Worcester. 2 hours 52.32.

78th, Colin Harley. 3 hours 34.37.

600 Runners.

24th September 2004. South of England Road Relays. Aldershot.

Chi Runners Over 50’s team, 5th: David Dorning, Rob Wiggins, Alastair Kennaugh, David Worcester.

2nd October. 2004. Sussex Cross Country Relays. Goodwood.

Senior Men, team 2nd (9 teams): Connor McLarnon, Jonathan Worcester, James Baker, Tom Bilham.

Veteran Men – Over 40’s (in those days there was no Over 50 events so 3 of the 4-man team were over 50)!

“A” team, 2nd: Rob Wiggins, David Worcester, David Dorning, Gary Wright.

“B” team, 5th: Brian Turner, Alastair Kennaugh, Tony Cooley, Ian Clarke.

“C” team, 7th: Chris Merrien, Terry Slade, Ray Adams, Tom Blaylock.

3rd October 2004. Covers Challenge Trophy (10 miles). Witterings.


1st James Baker, 53.31.

6th (1st Over 50), David Worcester, 59.53.

15th Chris Benham, 1.02.23.

19th Brian Turner, 1.04.44.

49th Philip Peters, 1.11.01.

73rd Barry Holford, 1.15.13.

78th Andrew Moore, 1.16.22.

87th Phil Bevan, 1.18.13.

98th Peter Shaw, 1.20.04.

106th Bob West, 1.21.24.

117th Nigel Penfold, 1.24.32.

131st Colin Harley, 1.28.09.


6th Tracey Slade, 1.09.14.

17th Jo Campbell, 1.19.31.

27th Sue Barty, 1.27.11.

30th Francine Hedley-Goddard, 1.28.23.

42nd Lynn Harley, 1.35.49.

50th Susanne Holford, 1.48.07.

31st October 2004. Barns Green Half Marathon.

1280 finishers (but only 3 Chi Runners).

5th James Baker, 1.12.43.

41st (1st Over 50), 1.21.53.

315th Shane Mott,  1.38.22.

My ankle gave way at around mile 7 and I would have (and should have), stopped but in countryside and with no marshals in sight, I decided to carry on. An x-ray the next day showed a clean break so that was the end of my running and, therefore, my “archives”, for the year!

Matters of Interest.

On the evening of the 2nd October the Club held an elaborate dinner/dance (attended by over 100), at the Lavant Village Hall to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Chichester Runners & AC. During proceedings Phil Baker was presented with a 20-year award from the South of England Amateur Athletic Association. This was quite a weekend as I and Sarah Richardson arranged the evening which was sandwiched between the Goodwood Relays and the Covers Challenge!

The AGM was held on the 22nd November and, amongst other business, it was decided to change the Clubs operational year from October through September, to January through December. Additionally, an update to the Clubs Constitution was ratified.

The Club Committee for 2005 became: David Worcester (Chairman), Phil Baker (Hon Sec), Chris Merrien (Treasurer), Tony Beer, Alastair Kennaugh, Tracy Jayant, Sarah Richardson, Tony Cooley, Richard Moore.


The Quizmaster came out on top this week but only just with two 49 out of 50 responses from Sue Barty and the "Worcester" duo. This week it is spot the 25 countries from the emoji, plus a mix of 25 questions to test your knowledge of cockney rhyming slang, ditloids, numbers and general knowledge. See the attachments above. 

Best wishes

John (Betts)

Secretary on behalf of the Committee