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Newsletter 18th September 2020


Next week

To confirm the club will continue training for seniors and juniors with the current structure of groups not exceeding twelve people. Hopefully by now every senior has indicated preferences to their Group Leader. Please remember to tell your Group Leader if any week you will be not attending a particular training session.

This is an ideal time to sincerely thank all the Group Leaders for their professionalism, motivation, and time in managing the groups, and in particular Andy and Jon who have administered the pre-booked groups so brilliantly in respect of juniors and seniors, respectively.


Yoga classes continue this evening ( Friday 18th September) with classes for pre-booked members at 4:30 pm and 6:00 pm at The Newell Centre led by Katie Michael.

We are pleased to report that at an event in Derby recently Harry Leleu clipped a massive 25s of his 5k PB by clocking a very impressive 14.25.

Entries for the Martin Etchells Memorial Track and Field Challenge incorporating the Sussex 3K Championships, taking place on Sunday 4th October at Lewes AC track are now open. Electronic timing/photo finish/graded races/Under 15s upwards but note entry numbers are limited. Go to to enter. For more info go to

Good luck to all those who are running in the New Forest Half and Marathon over this weekend. Please do let us have some feed-back on your runs and about the staging of this event.

The next English Cross-Country Championships are scheduled for Parliament Hill Fields on Saturday 6th March 2021.


I have had along, intermittent, association with Chichester Runners & AC and thought that I would share some of the history of the Club (in my time), with you. I hope to revive memories of older members and inform newer members.

February 2011 to December 2011.

6th February 2011. Chichester Priory 10km.

A record field with 1612 finishers.

1st Benjamin Noad (Highgate Harriers), 30.04.

17th James Baker, 31.55.

86th James Pennicott, 36.30.

103rd Edward Porter, 37.16.

109th Nick Casburn, 37.41.

127th David Worcester, 38.17.

129th Kevin McGreal, 38.21.

148th Lee Neumann, 39.06.

168th Simon Ballard, 39.47.

216th David Pike, 41.27.

241st Will Hill, 42.14.

269th Mark Jennings, 42.45.

272nd Philip Court, 42.54.

308th Colin Harley, 43.22.

322nd Kevin Batt, 43.35.

345th Terry Healy, 43.59.

352nd Dave Reading, 44.08.

381st Kevin Lockyear, 44.42.

422nd Alastair Kennaugh, 45.23.

Hereafter, unfortunately, times published were incorrect, so I have excluded.

441st John Betts.

454th Philip Allen.

485th Norman Marshall.

495th Maria Wright.

496th Jan Hill.

517th Mike Moorcroft.

519th Trudi Cunningham.

526th Phil Bevan.

579th Mark Hazelwood.

602nd Andrew Moore.

628th Tracy Jayant.

658th Catherine Betts.

669th Kevin Hughes.

677th Sarah Hughes.

784th Emma Newberry.

834th Fiona Lewis.

875th Charlotte Hillary.

953rd Sue Baker.

968th Hugh Davies.

1018th Eva Mikuska.

1019th Rosalind Worcester.

1170th Carol Palmer.

1288th Sally Humphrey.

1333rd Rachel Austin.

1412 Lynn Harley.

1415th Deborah Lord.

1520th Rosie Turner.

1595th Peter Robinson.

23rd April 2011. Sussex Road Relays. Christ’s Hospital.

Ladies Over 40. Chi Runners “A” Team, 5th: Trudi Cunningham, Persephone Hagan, Tracy Jayant.

“B” Team, 9th: Sarah Richardson, Debbie Lord, Monica Jervis.                                            Reserve: Lynn Harley.               

Ladies Over 50. Chi Runners Team, 3rd: Jane Harrop, Amanda Godfrey, Sue Baker.

                           Jane Harrop set an individual lap record.

Senior Men. Chi Runners Team 9th: Jamie Moore, Chris Bird, Ed Porter, Sam Bryan, David Dorning, James Baker.

Men Over 40. Chi Runners Team, 2nd: Tony Roddis, Chris Jack, Lee Neumann, Jim Garland.

                          Individual fastest times: 1st Tony Roddis, 3rd Jim Garland.

Men Over 50. Chi Runners “A” Team, 2nd: Rob Wiggins, David Worcester, David Dorning.

“B” Team, 7th: Chris Benham, Colin Harley, Tom Blaylock.

Men Over 60. Chi Runners Team, 8th: Dave Betts, Peter Shaw, Alastair Kennaugh.

9th June 2011. South Downs 100mile Relay.

Men’s Vets (Over 40 – Chi Runners average age = 56!), 1st Vets and Winners of Cooper Cup (for fastest team on an age adjusted basis): David Dorning, David Worcester, Rob Wiggins, Tom Blaylock, Don Faircloth, Kevin McGreal.

Ladies Vets 1st. 14th in Cooper Cup: Angela Carpenter, Helen Pattinson, Katherine Bond, Sarah Fenmor Collins, Nicky Upton, Jane Harrop.

Men, 25th in Cooper Cup: Colin Harley, Jan Hill, Micky Lyons, Dan Turner, Mark Jennings, Terry Healy.

1st October 2011. Goodwood Cross Country Relays.

Senior Men, 6th: Jo Corbett, James Baker, Martin Barwood, Ed Porter.

Men Over 40, 5th: Tony Roddis, Chris Tucker, Andy Maynard, Tony Cooley,

Men Over 50, 1st: David Dorning, Kevin Lockyear, Tom Blaylock, David Worcester.

Men Over 60, 1st: Jan Hill, Martin Miller, John Betts.

Senior Ladies, 6th: Fay Cripps, Nicky Upton, Maria Wright.

Ladies Over 35, 6th: Eva Mikuska, Rachel Austin, Jill Renson.

Ladies Over 40, “A” Team, 4th: Katie Michael, Persephone Hagan, Jane Leonard.

                          “B” Team, 5th: Amanda Godfrey, Tracy Jayant, Sue Baker.


Congratulations to Lorna Cowan who achieved a 100% return to the Quiz circulated a fortnight ago. This week’s offering is attached.  

John Betts

Secretary on behalf of the Committee