Newsletter 1st May 2020

Week 6 Training Schedule & Quiz 1st May 2020

Another week has flown by during lock-down and we trust everyone remains healthy and in good spirits. Your committee had an informal conference meeting last Monday to review the current position within the club. Above is a link to the Week 6 workout kindly produced by Will.  

Virtual Run Day

In total according to the posts and responses 37 members ran around many locations in the area last Saturday (25th April). The majority went for the 5k, but the number also included Amanda Godfrey walking only due to an injury, Vicki Bennett a 10k around Lavant and Vicky/Arthur Balandis running a 5k in 19.47. 

The 5k or thereabouts brigade in no particular order were:

Elizabeth Robinson 22.36 Chi, Catherine Betts 26.05 Oaklands Park, Janice Betts 45.22 Summersdale, Simon Thompson 22.30 Earnley, Roxanna Simcox 33.03 Chi, Peter Dunne 24.09 Chi, Simon Castry 18.56 Bognor Prom, Kevin Batt 28.37 Chi, Clare Snow 27.38 Cocking, Will Boutwood 16.53 Runcton, Sophie Wright 20.04 Felpham, Jon McElhill 23.26 West Dean, Marcus Hammerton 21.34 Chi, Sasha Vargin 21.11 Hotham Park, Ian Knight 33.37 Canal Path, Jane Taylor 28.24 Mundham, Jeremy & Ellie Harrison 29.48 Tangmere, Sue Barty 28.17 Summer Handicap Route, Peter Anderson 25.33 Summersdale, Liz Wingham 28.40 Witterings, Andy Wingham 23.14 Witterings, David Maltby 23.54 Felpham, Sue Baker 25.52 Chi & wearing club vest, Jenette & Andy Whitfield 27.05 Mundham, Ashley Hiom 23.29 Hambrook, Helen Wilkins 38.02 Chi, Terence Goddard 23.59 (PB) Shipton Green, James Baker 16.27 Centurion Way, John Betts 29.17 Salthill & West Broyle, Sandra Nemorin-Noel Easthampnett, Jo Brinning 26.12 Apuldram and Kim Nelson 23.59 Fishbourne.

Excellent running by everyone. We plan to hold something similar later in the month (likely Saturday 16th May).


The White Swan Marathon – Report by John Miles

“Nobody suggested I stop training after postponement of Brighton Marathon, so I carried on and hatched a plan to run a marathon distance to conclude the 4-month programme and make it all worthwhile. Unfortunately, I told a few people about this and so could not really get out of it. 

I devised a route that passed a point where I could leave a bottle of water but in the event, Tony Cooley kindly offered to follow me on his bike and provide a mobile water station. My time of 3:34 was not too bad but I could not keep up the pace in the last 5 miles, despite Tony’s encouragement and took an extra 4 minutes. So, for those of you who like to make it worthwhile putting on your running gear here is my hopefully picturesque marathon-length jolly:

From The White Swan pub by the Bosham roundabout head east along the A259 through tunnel under the A27 and along Fishbourne Road east. Take the zig-zig bridge over the railway and head north up the Centurion Way (CW). After the tunnel at West Dean go down the steps and head right to pass the school at the junction with the A286. Turn right along the A286 back towards Chichester and at Binderton turn left to get back to the CW. Follow the outward route back to The White Swan (24.5km by this point).

Head south from the roundabout down Delling Lane, turn right at the Berkeley Arms and head down to the harbour. Follow Shore Road (check tide time to avoid wading!), Lower Hoe Lane, Smugglers Lane and then Taylors Lane. Turn right at the T-junction and follow Walton Lane past St Wilfrid's Hospice back to the A259, turn left and continue back to The White Swan (34.1km). Head west along the A259 up to the Barleycorn Pub in Chidham and turn south down Cot Lane. Cut through Steels Lane onto Chidham Lane. At the junction with the A259 turn right, back east towards The White Swan; you might have to go a bit past the pub to complete the run when your watch reads 42.2km/26.2miles!

The route passes seven pubs, some more than once, so might be difficult to complete if they were open. However, when they do re-open and in fine weather the route might make nice little cycle ride with refreshment points!”

Thanks for the report John and a brilliant run. Even if many do not wish to do the full distance there is plenty of opportunity to choose parts of this epic course for exercise.

Next Virtual Club Night

05th May – Q & A with Donna Fraser



I have had a long, intermittent, association with Chichester Runners & AC and thought that I would share some of the history and achievements of the Club (in my time), with you. I hope to revive memories of older members and inform newer members.

Chichester Runners & AC – January 1997 to March 1999.

Although I was competing when possible this was very limited and, for several months, I did so without being a member of Chi Runners as, although I had moved the family back from overseas, my office was in Luxembourg and, most weeks I was travelling further afield so, at best, I was home from early on a Saturday morning until mid- afternoon on Sundays.

It was whilst taking part in a 5 mile race at West Dean on a Sunday morning in May 1997 that a combination of Phil Baker (spotted me running past him at the highest point of the course) and Jill Renson (at the finish), who initiated my return to the Club. Ironically, that day was the first occasion I was to meet up with David Dorning and Rob Wiggins (2nd and 3rd with me 4th), thereby commencing what was to become a very successful three-man team when we all turned 50.

The following races and results are an example of this period (there were a multitude of other road races as well as cross country events). Names identified are, as best as I could determine, of current and well-known members.

5th January 1997 - Stubbington Green 10km.

18th Keith Toop, 33.08. 32nd David Worcester 36.24. 84th Mark Ellard, 38.07. 222nd Warwick Turner, 42.44. 342nd Graham Brooks, 46.19 (3rd Over 65). 1st Lady – Jane Harrop (Havant AC) 36.11.

2nd February 1997 - Chichester Priory 10km (6th).

700+ runners on a New Course. First 4 were sub 30minutes.

12th Gary Wright, 31.52. 37th Andy Nicholson, 33.44. 42nd Danny Wood, 33.51. 45th James Baker, 33.51. 53rd David Worcester , 34.49. 68th Jane Harrop (Havant AC), 35.25. (1st Vet Lady). 73rd Tony Cooley, 36.15. 131st Andrew Harrop (Havant AC), 38.62. 150th Tom Blaylock, 39.12.

Apologies to others running but my records stop at Tom! Chi Runners Men’s Team (Gary, Andy, Danny) 4th.

5th October 1997 - BUPA Great South Run (10 miles).

Men’s Winner: Christopher Keelong, 46.53.

Women’s Winner: Liz McColgan, 51.59 (2nd fastest 10-mile time by a British Woman).

4306 Finishers (including Frank Bruno)!

Apologies if I have missed anyone but no club details were in my finishers list.

42nd Keith Toop, 55.31. 75th Andy Nicholson, 56.53. 102nd David Worcester, 58.00. 155th David Dorning, 59.52. 187th Mark Ellard, 1.00.39. 250th Tony Cooley, 1.02.21. 390th Alastair Kennaugh, 1.05.04. 781st Philip Peters, 1.09.41. 1080th Warwick Turner, 1.13.03. 1192nd Colin Harley, 1.14.01. 3819th Phil Bevan, 1.40.38.

28th June 1998 - Midsummer 5.

N.B. This was a Sunday. 146 Finishers (112 Men, 34 Women). 21 Chi Runners (16 Men, 5 Women).

6th Keith Toop, 27.32. 7th Joe Foreshew, 28.02. 9th James Baker, 28.33. 11th David Dorning, 29.28.

13th David Worcester, 29.43. 26th Chris Benham, 31.55. 31st Ray Allen, 32.14. 34th Dennis Baker, 32.26. 43rd Dave Pothecary, 33.17. 56th Becky Bliss, 35.14. 76th Renee Santema, 37.29. 97th Jill Renson, 40.27. 126th Rosie Turner, 44.48.

7th February 1999 - Chichester Priory 10km (8th) combined with South of England and Sussex Championships.

931 Finishers (43 Chi Runners: 35 Men, 8 Women).

MENS Classifications: Winning Time, 29.48.

36th Gary Wright, 33.39. 37th James Baker, 33.43. 69th David Worcester, 35.42. 97th David Dorning, 36.40. 99th Chris Merrien, 36.44. 105th Rob Wiggins, 36.48. 143rd Brian Turner, 38.05. 165th Terry Slade, 38.44. 204th Tony Cooley, 39.36. 209th Dennis Baker, 39.42. 228th Alastair Kennaugh, 40.11. 237th Dave Pothecary, 40.26. 290th Kevin Lockyear, 41.00. 394th Tom Blaylock, 43.14. 441st Warwick Turner, 44.15. 442nd David Barclay, 44.15. 499 David Grunwell, 45.25.

LADIES Classifications:

2nd Jane Harrop (Havant AC), 36.18. 40th Becky Bliss, 43.08. 73rd Susan Allan, 46.18. 76th Louise Parker, 46.31. 103rd Jill Renson, 49.05.

I was, come 1999, re-established with Chichester Runners although my participation in events was limited and spasmodic but, with closer contact with the Club I will, in reports to come, be able to give greater insight into the Clubs activities.

Thanks again David and as you get nearer the current century it throws up more familiar names so no excuses for not giving some feed-back from present members. 


Clearly a hard one last week with no fully correct returns with the best of the batch being Lorna Cowan and Leon & Ellen Perry with an excellent 27 correct. If anyone wishes a copy of the answers do contact me. This week a return to general knowledge and a bit of mental arithmetic to while away some of your time as well as testing those grey cells. See the link above please.


Stay Safe & Best wishes

John (Betts)

Secretary on behalf of the Committee