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Newsletter 20th November 2020


For your ease of reference below is the link to Zoom for the club’s virtual AGM next Tuesday Topic: Chichester Runners AGM (8pm start). Time: Nov 24, 2020 07:50 PM London.

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Meeting ID: 843 4450 9320. Passcode: 619891.

In respect of supporting documents. All documents can be found on the Calendar page of this website for the 24th November 2020.


Unfortunately, there continues to be no club group running activity during the period of the current restrictions. The club hopes to restart on Sunday 6th December (trail run) with group training from Thursday 3rd December. Meanwhile if anyone requires a “buddy” partner do contact either your Group Training Leader or Jon McElhill

Group Yoga is also curtailed but Katie has arranged a “Zoom” session for today (20th November) at 5:30 pm. All those who have expressed an interest should have received from Katie an invite and “Zoom” link.


President’s Archives

I have had a long, intermittent, association with Chichester Runners & AC and thought that I would share some of the history of the Club (in my time), with you. I hope to revive memories of older members and inform newer members.

January to December 2016.

4th April 2016.

Formal opening of the Club Pavilion.

9th April 2016. Sussex Road Relays. Christ’s Hospital.

Senior Men, Chi Runners “A” Team, 6th: James Baker, Harry Leleu, Conrad Meager, Will Boutwood, Mike Neville, Ben Morton.

                       Chi Runners “B” Team, Non-scoring: Chris Zablocki (set a new club record lap), Brodie Keates, Benedict Robinson, Callum Easton, Nic Fenmor Collins, James Baker.

Men Over 50: Jim Garland, 2nd.

Men Over 60, Chi Runners “A” Team, 2nd: Rob Wiggins (2nd individual), David Worcester, Tony Cooley.           

                      Chi Runners “B” Team, 3rd: Peter Shaw, Jan Hill, Andy Harrop.

Senior Ladies, Chi Runners “A” Team, 3rd: Rosie Ellis, Karina Bennett, Emily Moore.

                    Chi Runners “B” Team, 6th: Sarah Fenmor Collins, Annabel Jeffries, Charlotte Reading.

Ladies Over 40, Chi Runners Team, 4th: Jane Harrop (1st Over 50), Linda Roberts, Ann Sydenham.

Ladies Over 50, Chi Runners Team, 3rd: Helen Dean, Sue Baker, Sandra Nemorin-Noel.

4th June 2016. South Downs 100 Mile Relay.

“Cooper Cup” (Age Adjusted) Positions:

Men Over 40 (all the Chi Runners team were over 60 years of age), 12th: Tom Blaylock, David Worcester, Rob Wiggins, David Dorning, Tony Cooley, Jan Hill.

Men, 36th: Keith Akerman, Nick Palmer, Justin Eggins, Charles Rodmell, Gary Williams, Graham Woodward.

Ladies, 37th: Tracy Lockyear, Sarah Fenmor Collins, Nadia Anderson, Lorna Cowan, Katie Quigley, Karen Miles.

N.B. The Chi Runners Men’s Over 40 team was, probably, a never to be repeated age-related team with all runners being over 60. Unfortunately, had it not been for one of the team taking a significant wrong turning (which added over thirty minutes), they may have placed, on the age adjusted basis, first!

15th October 2016. Sussex Cross Country Relays. Goodwood.

Ladies, Chi Runners, 10th: Karina Bennett (fastest Under 20 and 2nd Lady), Grace Wills, Rebecca Brown.

Ladies Over 45, Chi Runners, 4th: Persephone Hagan, Nadia Anderson, Sandra Nemorin-Noel.

Ladies Over 55, Chi Runners, 1st: Jane Harrop (1st), Amanda Godfrey, Sue Barty.

Men Over 40, Chi Runners, 6th: Keith Akerman, Mike Moorcroft, Jason Boswell, Charles Rodmell.

Men Over 50, Chi Runners, 5th: Jim Garland, Dave Reading, Peter Anderson, Andy Wingham.

Men Over 60, Chi Runners, 2nd: Rob Wiggins (2nd), Tom Blaylock, David Worcester.

John (Betts)

Secretary on behalf of the Committee