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Newsletter 23rd October 2020


Last reminder please for members to submit comments in support of the club’s track project. 

We are extremely grateful to all those who have already done so but we do need more please.

Details of how to do this is shown below with comments from our consultant at SSL:


“The application number is 20/02254/FUL.


I would encourage you to get the athletics club members/pupils/parents to write letters of support for the scheme. This can be completed online via the following link. They will need to register to make a comment of support. Once registered it is a simple form to complete with a text box for the supporting comment.”

Early notice that the club’s Annual General Meeting will be held via ZOOM on Tuesday 24th November 2020 at 7:30 pm. Formal notice and other documents will be circulated in due course together with the online arrangements. 

Next 7 days

Training groups continue for seniors and juniors with bookings by seniors via online booking system

Yoga this evening ( Friday 23rd October) with classes for pre-booked members at 4:30 pm and 6:00 pm at The Newell Centre led by Katie Michael. Queries about the class to Katie via  

President’s Archives

I have had a long, intermittent, association with Chichester Runners & AC and thought that I would share some of the history of the Club (in my time), with you. I hope to revive memories of older members and inform newer members.

June to December 2013.

19th June 2013. Midsummer 5.

1st James Baker, 25.49.

7th Harry Leleu, 28.03.

14th Chris Jack, 28.59.

20th Matt De Lacy, 30.57.

28th Aaron Hancock, 31.31.

29th Steve Davy, 31.32.

31st David Worcester (1st Over 60), 31.30.

39th Jane Harrop (1st Lady Over 45), 32.23.

40th Ashley Spratt, 32.33.

42nd Kevin McGreal, 32.55.

43rd Fay Cripps (1st Lady Over 35), 32.59.

53rd Mathew Sheldon, 33.56.

55th Gareth Glass, 34.06.

56th Andrew Moore, 34.14.

58th Nick Palmer, 34.19.

61st Mike Moorcroft, 34.41.

62nd Keith Ackerman, 34.42.

63rd Mark Jennings, 34.49.

69th Darren Knight, 35.19.

71st David Pike, 35.39.

73rd Kevin Batt, 35.43.

81st Kevin Lockyear, 36.20.

83rd Dave Reading, 36.33.

90th Anneliese Shaw, 37.11.

95th David Knight, 37.56.

98th Conrad Yates, 38.03.

108th Andrew Harrop, 38.45.

112th Julia Hammond, 39.11.

114th Dave Barty, 39.34.

117th Alastair Kennaugh, 39.46.

118th Karen Miles, 39.47.

124th Alison Defries, 40.30.

137th Sue Barty, 41.11.

169th Rachel Ballard, 43.18.

170th Carol Palmer, 43.20.

172nd Duncan Kennaugh, 43.36.

175th Sue Baker, 43.56.

186th David Butler, 44.58.

188th Carla Wood, 45.04.

189th Lois Jerrey, 45.13.

199th Lorraine Griffiths, 46.34.

200th Rachel Nightingale, 46.34.

203rd Susan Davies, 46.40.

223rd David Brooks, 49.16.

232nd Nicky Clark, 52.49,

233rd Victoria Balandis, 53.17.

239th Sharon Stapleton, 1.05.58.

240th Jane Mc Donald, 1.06.04.

242nd Dave Grunwell, 1.06.11.

28th September 2013. Goodwood Cross Country Relays.

Senior Men.

Chi Runners “A” Team, 6th: James McKenzie, Aaron Hancock, Graham Timson, Nick Palmer.

Chi Runners “B” Team, Incomplete: Stephen McNally, Alan Rowley, Peter Shaw.

Men Over 40.

Chi Runners “A” Team, 3rd: Andy Maynard, Stephen Davy, John Bullard, John Kelly.

Chi Runners “B” Team, 4th: Keith Ackerman, Dave Reading, Steve Taylor, Mike Moorcroft.

Men Over 50 Chi Runners Team, 4th: Chris Benham, Tom Blaylock, Tony Cooley, Colin Harley.

Men Over 60.

Chi Runners “A” Team, 1st (Course Record): Rob Wiggins, David Dorning, David Worcester.

Chi Runners “B” Team, 4th: Martin Miller, Kevin Lockyear, John Betts.

Senior Ladies.

Chi Runners “A” Team, 7th: Lucy Thraves, Georgina Women, Anneliese Shaw.

Chi Runner “B” Team, 10th: Joanne Newton, Clemmie Elives, Chloe Campbell.

Ladies Over 45.

Chi Runners “A” Team, 1st: Jane Harrop (Lap record), Lesley Aitchison, Tracy Lockyear.

Ch Runners “B” Team, 3rd: Jill Renson, Sue Barty, Sandra Nemorin-Noel.

29th September 2013. Barns Green Half Marathon.

2nd James Baker, 1.12.22.

63rd (1st Over 60), David Worcester, 1.28.56.

122nd Lee Neumann, 1.34.08.

190th Mathew Sheldon, 1.38.25.

205th Tom Sharp, 1.39.03.

387th Colin Harley, 1.47.47.

406th Louisa Etherington, 1.50.58.

753rd Alison Defries, 2.01.15.

894th Hugh Davies, 2.08.15.

1500 Runners.

As a personal footnote:

27th October 2013. I won the UK Masters, Over 60, Marathon title, in appalling conditions, in Newcastle in 3.14.52.

17th November 2013. I won the South of England, Over 60, Ten-mile title in Epsom in 66.27.

Best wishes

John (Betts)

Secretary on behalf of the Committee