Newsletter 24th July 2020


Next week the club continues with the “bubble” training groups for both seniors and juniors but with increased capacity to 12 persons including the leader. 

For seniors there is the increased opportunity to attend two sessions depending on space available and possibly but not guaranteed the changing of groups. Please preferably contact Jon McElhill direct who is keeping a record of the groups or respond via the CONTACT US facility. 

Please ensure you tell your Group Leader if you cannot attend a particular session.

Clubs have been asked to appoint a Covid Co-ordinator and Jeremy Harrison has kindly agreed to take on this responsibility. The role is to continually review our arrangements and supporting risk assessments, and to challenge the club where the control of activity may require adjustment. In addition, a small sub-group has been set-up to explore the possibility of starting up the trail runs in a “Covid-19” safe and secure environment.

The Club Dinner postponed for 2020 has been provisionally rescheduled for Friday 7th May 2021 at the Chichester Golf Club.        

Will’s weekly training schedule will be posted in due course on the club’s Facebook page.

This weekend no particular challenge other than just to get out and have a run of some sort.


I have had a long, intermittent, association with Chichester Runners & AC and thought that I would share some of the history of the Club (in my time), with you. I hope to revive memories of older members and inform newer members.


The first quarter of 2005 was a frustrating one for me as the ankle that I had broken in October 2005, slowly healed. I would not run my first race for 5 months until the Sussex Road Relays (9th April).

23rd March 2005. Corporate Challenge. Race 3.

A Race.

2nd James Baker, 13.36.

4th Jo Corbett, 14.10.

6th Gary Wright, 14.19.

7th Sam Gillert, 14.20.

8th Keith Toop, 14.22.

9th Jonathan Worcester, 14.39.

16th David Dorning, 15.21.

29th Chris Benham, 16.06.

35th Jane Harrop (Havant, 1st Lady), 16.20.

42nd Terry Wright, 16.43.

47th Linda Spencer, 16.50.

54th Russell Crimes, 16.57.

57th Alastair Kennaugh, 17.03.

73rd Colin Harley, 17.28.

75th Mike Cooper, 17.30.

84th Tony Hancock, 17.39.

92nd Andrew Moore, 17.52.

93rd Philip Peters, 17.56.

97th Bob West, 18.30.

97 finishers.

B Race.

3rd Joe Russell-Wells, 16.21.

56th Andy Harrop, 19.18.

58th Phil Bevan, 19.19.

60th Amanda Godfrey, 19.21.

85th Lauren Kennaugh, 20.12.

96th Peter Shaw, 20.36.

113th Catherine Betts, 21.22.

147th Lynn Harley, 23.38.

168th Ray Adams, 25.28.

179 finishers.

9th April 2005. Sussex Road Relays. Christ’s Hospital.

Vet Men, Over 50.

Chi Runners “A” team 2nd: David Dorning, Rob Wiggins, David Worcester.

Chi Runners “B” team 7th: Martin Miller, Alastair Kennaugh, Tony Cooley.

Vet Men, Over 40.

Chi Runners “A” team 1st: Gary Wright, Andy Nicholson, Jim Garland, Keith Toop.

Chi Runners “B” team 9th: Chris Benham, Tony Hancock, Colin Harley, Richard Moore.

Senior Men.

Chi Runners 3rd: Jo Corbett, Sam Gillert, James Baker, Aaron Hancock, David Dorning, Gary Wright.

4th June 2005. South Downs Relay.

Men Over 40 (4 of the team over 50), 3rd: David Dorning, David Worcester, Tony Cooley, Rob Wiggins, Richard Moore, Colin Harley - 11 hours 21 minutes.

Ladies 7th : Jill Renson, Mary Collins, Sue Barty, Tracy Jayant, Becky Froome, Kim Nelson - 14 hours 1 minute.

22nd June 2005. Midsummer 5.

1st James Baker, 25.37.

6th Keith Toop, 27.45.

15th David Worcester, 30.05.

28th Tony Hancock, 32.33.

33rd Alastair Kennaugh, 33.09.

45th Andrew Moore, 34.21.

51st Philip Peters, 34.49.

61st Bob West, 35.52.

65th Alan Rowley, 36.27.

71st Duncan Kennaugh, 37.00.

102nd Sue Barty, 40.25.

105th Jemima Noyce, 40.50.

107th Ray Adams, 41.00.

109th Peter Shaw, 41.03.

121st David Grunwell, 42.42.

140th Lynn Harley, 44.59.

141st Catherine Betts, 45.12.

156th Sue Baker, 47.07.

157th Sarah Richardson, 47.22.

158th Francine Hedley Goddard, 47.24.

172 finishers, 28 Chi Runners.

14th August 2005. Midhurst 10km.

The main award was the Neil Talman Memorial Trophy (in memory of Midhurst Miler, Neil Talman, who died in the 1995 Great South Run), to the first Under 21 finisher. The trophy going to Jonathan Worcester.

1st Toby Lambert (Alton Runners) 32.11.

2nd James Baker, 32.11.

8th Jonathan Worcester (1st U21), 34.47.

9th Sam Gillert (2nd U21), 35.03.

27th David Worcester, (1st Over 50), 37.42.

29th Ben Polhill, 38.09.

62nd James Pennicott, 41.14.

133rd Derek Pennicott, 45.25.

268th Peter Shaw, 52.18.

272nd Roger Hobbs, 52.33.

24th September 2005. South of England Road Relays. Aldershot.

Men’s Vets Over 50.

Chi Runners 7th (of 20): Rob Wiggins (22.21), Alastair Kennaugh (24.56), David Worcester (21.59), David Dorning (21.59).

Men’s Vets Over 40.

Chi Runners 12th (of 50): Gary Wright, Andy Nicholson, Chris Benham, Keith Toop.

My “archives” finish for 2005, at this stage, as I had business to attend to in New Zealand which would take me away until April 2006.


After last week’s boast the quizzers reaped revenged this week with three fully correct responses from Sue Barty, Graham Jessop, and Lorna Cowan with Liz and Sanchia missing out by only half a mark. This week’s rather more conventionally challenge can be found using the link above.


Best wishes

John (Betts)

Secretary on behalf of the Committee