Newsletter 26th June 2020


As yet sadly no news of further lifting of restrictions for runners/athletes so the club continues for the time being with our “bubble” training groups for both seniors and juniors. The numbers attending the overall groups are well in excess of a hundred. Feed-back has been very positive and we are extremely grateful to all the leaders.   

Please continue to adhere to Government advice and ensure proper social distancing measures are fully followed.

Will’s weekly training schedule is posted above. 

Virtual 3k Time Trail

There were twelve club members who entered the virtual 3k time trial last weekend, namely Mike Houston (96th – 9.37), Conrad Meagher (111th – 9.45), Justin Eggins (181st – 10.16), Keith Akerman (245th – 10.46), Richard Holder (264th – 10.52), Robert De Lacy (299th – 11.06), Jon McElhill (519th – 13.04), Nadia Anderson (524th – 13.08), Peter Dunne (564th – 13.38), Richard Ayling (569th – 13.43), Peter Anderson (597th – 14.26) & Sue Barty (625th – 15.11). 

Over the weekend 11th/12th July the club proposes to hold a virtual 5k time trial. 


I have had a long, intermittent, association with Chichester Runners & AC and thought that I would share some of the history and achievements of the Club (in my time), with you. I hope to revive memories of older members and inform newer members.

July to December 2003.

I was now permanently back in England having been either living or commuting overseas for some 15 years. Leading up to the Club AGM in September 2003 I was approached to become Club Chairman (taking over from Helen Pattinson) and was honoured to accept. My colleagues on the Committee were: Phil Baker (Hon. Sec.), Chris Merrien (Treasurer), John Sheppard (Child Protection Officer), Colin Harley (Membership Secretary), Mary Collins, Tony Beer, Rob Wiggins, and Martin Bilham.

Herewith a snapshot of events/results in this six-month period.

27th September 2003. South of England Road Relays, Aldershot.

Significant injuries meant a scratch Over 40 team running comprising Gary Wright plus three Over 50’s. Team times: Gary Wright, 20.04; David Worcester, 21.37; David Dorning, 22.25; Alastair Kennaugh, 24.15.

4th October 2003. Goodwood Cross Country Relays.

Men’s Team 3rd : James Baker, Joe Foreshaw, Connor McLarnon, David Dorning.

Men’s Over 40 Team 2nd : David Worcester, Tony Cooley, Tom Blaylock, Rob Wiggins.

5th October 2003. Covers Challenge (officially 10 miles but probably more 9.6 miles) Trophy, Cross Country. West Wittering.


1st James Baker, 50.16.

5th (1st Over 40, 1st Over 50) David Worcester, 58.19.

10th Mike Cooper, 1.03.06.

11th Chris Benham, 1.03.08.

16th Philip Peters, 1.05.04.

19th Colin Harley, 1.05.33.

20th Ray Allen, 1.05.39.

26th Kevin Lockyear, 1.06.44.

43rd Bob West, 1.10.56.

51st Alan Rowley, 1.11.51.

53rd Barry Holford, 1.12.13.

67th Derek Pennicott, 1.15.45.

70th Andrew Moore, 1.16.25.

88th Peter Shaw, 1.19.15.

119th Peter Robinson, 1.38.15.


10th Mary Collins, 1.16.45.

12th Esher Weiss, 1.18.03.

15th Francine Hedley-Goddard, 1.20.24.

20th Ana Neumann, 1.22.37.

28th Julia Shepherd, 1.27.34.

30th Alison Banford, 1.28.09.

44th Jemima Noyce, 1.31.58.

45th Lynn Harley, 1.32.12.

54th Susanne Holford, 1.44.26.

12th October 2003. BUPA Great South Run (10 miles), Portsmouth.

1st John Yuda, 46.35.

21st Sonia O’Sullivan, 53.26.

40th Liz McColgan, 56.12.

63rd (1st Over 50) David Worcester, 58.43.

154th Mark Warrington, 1.02.55.

244th Tony Hancock, 1.05.28.

267th Alastair Kennaugh, 1.06.00.

353rd Colin Harley, 1.07.42.

358th Tony Cooley, 1.07.50.

432nd Nigel Brooks, 1.08.54.

475th Kevin Lockyear, 1.09.21.

649th Kim Nelson, 1.11.00.

684th Andrew Maynard, 1.11.32.

1066th Richard Bartholemew, 1.15.25.

8440th Last Finisher, 3.12.58.

Apologies if I overlooked anyone (there were no details of clubs provided in the results).

Not for the first time this event was a family affair for the Kennaughs with Duncan (107th), Lauren (176th) and Chantel (370th), three of the 954 finishers in the Junior race.

18th October 2003. Sussex Cross Country League. Goodwood.


A team 4th: James Baker (3rd man), Conor McLarnon, Mark Warrington, David Worcester, Rob Wiggins, David Bourne.

B team: Philip Peters, Martin Miller, Alastair Kennaugh, Terry Slade, Colin Harley, Bob West.

The next league event, at Lancing on the 22nd November, had a similar group of runners.

My “archives” for this six-month period are relatively sparse but, rest assured, they are the converse in 2004!


Limited response to quiz this week with perhaps less available time for many given a return to shopping and work for more. Of those who did it was joint top score of 38 for Lorna Cowan and the “Worcester” Duo. This week the quiz is again a mixed bag of 40 questions, see above.