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Newsletter 28th August 2020


We continue with the training groups for both seniors and juniors next week. Please ensure you tell your Group Leader if you cannot attend a particular session, plus to look out on Facebook for any ad hoc spare spaces on other groups. Please note that all groups are reaching full capacity.  

It is planned to re-start laid trail runs on Sunday mornings starting on Sunday 6th September. More information will be circulated next week.

This weekend no particular challenge other than just to get out and have a “Bank Holiday” stretch of the legs.


Thanks to Georgina Dunne there is a competition Sun 6th September at Mountbatten. See link above but be warned the event may get filled up quickly.

England Athletics have recently published that the individual athlete’s registration fee for 2021/22 will be £15.


I have had a long, intermittent, association with Chichester Runners & AC and thought that I would share some of the history of the Club (in my time), with you. I hope to revive memories of older members and inform newer members.

January to December 2008.

12th January 2008. Sussex Cross Country League. Stanmer Park.

8th Paul Bleach, 61st David Worcester, 92nd Colin Harley.

16th February 2008. Sussex Cross Country League, Plumpton.

Men:6th James Baker, 20th Chris West, 46th David Worcester, 55th Tom Blaylock.

Ladies: 5th Polly Mosely, 29th Tracy Jayant, 32nd Sue Barty, 37th Catherine Betts.

22nd March 2008. Sussex Road Relays. Christ’s Hospital.

Senior Men: Chi Runners 9th Jim Garland, Chris Jack, Tony Roddis, Jonathan Worcester (fastest team lap), Tony Cooley, David Dorning (Tony and David doubling up).

Men Over 50: Chi Runners “A” team 3rd. David Dorning, Colin Harley, David Worcester.

“B” team 9th. Tony Cooley, Alastair Kennaugh, Dave Barty.

Men Over 60:

Chi Runners  team 3rd. Ray Allen, Peter Shaw, Martin Miller.

Ladies (Under 40):

Chi Runners Senior Ladies team 12th: Sarah Frampton, Carla Wood, Tracy Jayant.

Chi Runners Under 17 team 13th: Sophie Millet, Chantel Kennaugh, Phobe Adams.

13th April 2008. 28th London Marathon.   35044 Starters.

Race Position.      Age Position.     NAME.                            Age Category.        Time.


846th                       118th                  Michael Neville.            M25                       2.57.28

1000th                     11th                    David Worcester           M55                       2.59.03

2159th                     228th                  Nick Casburn                 M25                       3.13.18

3184th                     223rd                  Colin Harley                   M50                       3.22.47

5371st                     146th                  Kevin Lockyear              M55                       3.38.02

6155th                     172nd                 Derek Pennicott            M55                       3.42.57

7566th                     1050th               Richard Moore              M45                       3.50.42.


1819th                    336th                  Tracy Jayant                   W40                       3.59.09

2943rd                    508th                  Rophina Yeld                  W40                       4.15.51

5983rd                   1002nd                Susan Applin                  W40                        4.49.18

6960th                   1316th                 Carla Wood                    W30                       5.01.58

11th December 2008. Sussex Masters Cross Country Championships.  Horsham.

Men Over 40: Jim Garland 4th (no Chi Runners team).

Men Over 50: A “depleted” Chi Runners team 3rd (maintaining an unbroken 5-year medal winning sequence). David Worcester 9th, Tom Blaylock 11th, Alastair Kennaugh 19th. Plus, Roger Hobbs 26th, Dave Barty 27th.

Men Over 60: Chi Runners team 4th: Martin Miller 5th, Terry Slade 10th, John Betts 16th. Plus, Peter Shaw 25th.

Ladies Over 35: Chi Runners 5th: Sarah Burholdt 12th, Rophina Yeld 16th, Tracy Jayant 17th. Plus, Debbie Lord 21st.

Ladies Over 45: Chi Runners 4th: Mel Jones 6th, Sue Barty 14th, Francine Hedley-Goddard 19th.


Again, the Quizmaster came out on top (just) but well done to all those who submitted their answer sheet. This week’s challenge can be found via the link above.


Best wishes

John (Betts)

Secretary on behalf of the Committee