Newsletter 29th May 2020

Week 10 Training Schedule & Weekly Quiz

Still no change in the position in relation to club activity with England Athletics anticipating the issue of updated guidance in early June. Also, parkrun have reiterated their instruction that no groups should meet at parkrun routes, especially at 9:00 am on Saturdays.

Your committee has arranged a virtual meeting for next Wednesday (3rd June).

We understand that the donations made to St. Wilfrid’s Hospice following the club team marathon event has now exceeded £1400, thank you.

Will’s weekly training schedule can be accessed via the above link.

The club had representation in the British Mile Club virtual 1k time trial on Bank Holiday Monday. They included Conrad Meagher 2.56, Justin Eggins 3.02, Jason Snow 3.02, Richard Holder 3.24, Robert de Lacy 3.30, Keith Akerman 3.31, and Jon McElhill 3.50. 


Weekend 30th/31st May

A reminder of the challenge for this weekend is for the whole club to go out individually for an enjoyable run without any undue pressure of any distance, at any location, at any time and at any pace. In addition, why not produce a Fun Run Map picture of your run and/or include in your run as many roads that start with the letters “CHI RUN”, but no duplicates.


I have had a long, intermittent, association with Chichester Runners & AC and thought that I would share some of the history and achievements of the Club (in my time), with you. I hope to revive memories of older members and inform newer members.

Chichester Runners & AC, January to December 2001.

The year 2001 had similarities to our current situation in that it was the year of Foot and Mouth Disease so, between February and October, public rights of way across land was closed.

This meant that many events that the club organised or participated in were cancelled. These included the WSFRL, the Trundle Race, the Midsummer 5, and the South Downs Relay. During this period though, track and field events continued, and Cross-Country leagues recommenced late in the year.

The following gives a flavour of the club’s involvement in that difficult year.

4th February 2001. Chichester Priory 10km.

Held in “atrocious conditions”.

Men: 797 finishers; 27 Chi Runners, 8 in top 100; Chi Runners Team 3rd of 20 teams.

1st Nigel Gates (Brighton & Hove), 31.52.

10th James Baker, 33.07.

11th Gary Wright, 33.20.

28th David Dorning, 35.07.

35th David Worcester, 35.33.

67th Pep Fornes, 36.26.

70th Tony Cooley, 36.26 (5 runners with this time).

86th Chris Benham, 37.07.

87th Mark Ellard, 37.07.

118th Chris Merrien, 37.57.

123rd Mike Cooper, 38.04.

134th Russell Crimes, 38.37.

149th Jonathan Worcester, 38.59.

175th David Pothecary, 39.41.

202nd Alastair Kennaugh, 40.17.

215th Tony Hancock, 40.24.

238th Dennis Baker, 40.46.

252nd Ray Allen, 41.02.

353rd Richard Moore, 42.57.

509th Pat Weiss, 47.08.

652nd Graham Brooks, 51.23.

749th Kevin Lockyear, 56.01.

Ladies: 323 finishers; 9 Chi Runners; Chi Runners Team 6th of 10 teams.

1st Carolyne Hoyle  (Arena 80), 35.09.

39th Helen Pattinson, 43.25.

45th Gemma Weiss, 43.54.

46th Jill Renson, 43.54.

55th Becky Froome, 44.57.

75th Sue Allen, 46.32.

92nd Renee Santema, 48.04.

220th Francine Hedley-Goddard, 56.10.

249th Rosie Turner, 58.34.

21st April 2001. Sussex Road Relay Championships, Horsham.

Men’s Veterans, Over 40. Chi Runners Third.

Team of David Dorning, Tony Cooley, Chris Benham, and David Worcester.

26th July 2001. Track and Field League, Portsmouth (Chi Runners, home match).

Men’s A team, 2nd of 5 teams.

Shane Mott – Pole Vault, Long Jump, Triple Jump, and 110 metres hurdles.

Mark Boeder – Pole Vault, 400 metres hurdles, Shot Putt, Discus.

Ed Armah – 400 metres hurdles, 110 metres hurdles, 200 metres.

Janeck Maciejewski – Shot Putt, Discus, Hammer.

Mark Simmons – Hammer.

Tig Kushamba – 100 metres, 200 metres.

Gary Wright – 1500 metres, 5000 metres.

James Baker – 1500 metres, Steeplechase.

David Worcester – 5000 metres.

Kevin Wilson and Ollie Easthope – High Jump.

Rory Wybro and Dave Robinson 400 metres.

Nick Fenmor Collins – Steeplechase.

Wybro, Mott, Kushamba, Armah – 4 X100 metres.

These individuals were the core of the team that competed in a league that took them as far away as Millfield School in Somerset and Newham in Essex.

12th August 2001. Midhurst 10km.

Chi Runners 3rd Team of 10 teams.

1st David Thompson (City of Portsmouth), 32.52.

3rd James Baker, 33.27.

17th David Worcester, 35.46.

42nd Mark Ellard, 38.43.

69th Tony Hancock, 39.37.

84th Mark Warrington, 40.53.

215th Derek Pennicott, 47.12.

14th October 2001. BUPA Great South Run Portsmouth.

Biggest 10-mile race in Europe, 3rd biggest in world. 7705 finishers.

1st Khalid Shah, 46.15.

51st David Dorning, 56.53.

71st David Worcester, 58.21.

108th Keith Toop, 1;00.30.

163rd Mark Ellard, 1.02.55.

196th Tony Cooley, 1.03.50.

213rd Tony Hancock, 1.04.03.

286th Mark Warrington, 1.05.04.

351st Nigel Brooks, 1.06.43.

467th Philip Peters, 1.08.42.

1428th Derek Pennicott, 1.17.34.

1495th Jill Renson, 1.17.55.

15th December 2001. Sussex Cross Country League, Lancing.

Chi Runners always put out a significant number of Men in the league and this event illustrates the Club commitment (16 runners).

A Team: James Baker, David Dorning, Nick Fenmor Collins, Rob Wiggins, Mark Warrington, David Worcester.

B Team: John Fisher, Brian Turner, James West, Chris Benham, Mark Ellard, Chris Merrien.

Plus: Alastair Kennaugh, Wayne Hemmingway, Bob West, Colin Harley.

The Ladies lacked the numbers but not the commitment although they only had two running on this occasion i.e. Persephone Hagan and Mary Collins.

Foot and Mouth halted off road running for over 6 months. Lets’ hope that the impact of coronavirus is for a shorter period of time!


This week we continue with a mix of 40 questions, see above attachment. Last week’s quiz produced some interesting alternatives to the listed answers, so the independent assessor was brought into play. Thanks to all those who submitted their answer sheet for marking and congratulations to Lorna Cowan for a fully correct response followed closely on 38 right answers by the "Worcesters", "Bartys", and Graham Jessop. 


John (Betts)

Secretary on behalf of the Committee