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Newsletter 2nd October 2020

Next 7 days

To confirm the club will continue training for seniors and juniors with the current structure of groups not exceeding twelve people. Please remember to use the new online booking system to record cancellations and requests to join an alternative group. Link below:

Yoga classes continue this evening ( Friday 2nd October) with classes for pre-booked members at 4:30 pm and 6:00 pm at The Newell Centre led by Katie Michael.


The next Yoga course led by Katie Michael is for 10 weeks on Friday evenings from Friday 16th October to 18th December inclusive. Again, the venue is the Newell Centre with two classes of an hour each starting at 4:30 pm and 6:00 pm. The cost of the whole course will be between £35 and £40 depending on numbers that the club considers to be great value.

Those on the current course finishing on the 9th October have already had the opportunity to respond and to date there are some “mat” places available. If anyone is interested, please respond to me via the Contact Us facility.   


It was Goodwood Grand Prix Day on Sunday 27th September at the Motor Circuit with no spectators, limited numbers, and staggered starts. In the 10k Chris West finished 24th in a time of 36.14. Jayne MacDonald ran the half marathon clocking 2.06.31 in a time of 2.06.31, whilst James Baker was second in the 20-mile event with a time of 1.56.33. It is understood that Mikey Neville also run but we could not find his name in the results.  

President’s Archives

Having had a long, intermittent, association with Chichester Runner & AC I have been asked to share some of the history of the Club (in my time), with you. I hope to revive the memories of older members and inform newer members.

January to December 2012.

7th April 2012. Sussex Road Relays. Christ’s Hospital.

Ladies Over 50, Chi Runners 2nd: Jane Harrop, Jane Leonard, Sue Baker.

Men Over 40, Chi Runners 5th: Jim Garland, Gary Wright, Andy Maynard, Dave Dorning.

Men Over 50, Chi Runners “A” 7th*: David Dorning, David Worcester, Rob Wiggins.

                                                “B” 9th: Andy Harrop, Tom Blaylock, Colin Harley.

Men Over 60, Chi Runners 3rd: John Betts, Alastair Kennaugh, Don Faircloth.

*This was the last year of 10 (starting in 2003), that this team ran as an Over 50’s unit and the only time they were not in the medals (old father time)! For the record though, the winning time in 2012 was slower than when Dorning, Wiggins and Worcester set the course record in 2003 and the individual times of Dorning and Worcester in 2003 would have placed them 1st and 2nd in 2012!

During the 10 years the Over 50 team were: 1st four times; 2nd three times and 3rd twice.

Individually against all competitors: Worcester was 1st twice; Dorning 2nd twice; Worcester, Dorning and Wiggins were each 3rd on one occasion. In the 10 years, Worcester and Dorning ran in all races, Wiggins ran in nine with Colin Harley running once.

2nd June 2012. South Downs 100 miles Relay.

Cooper Cup Positions (based on age adjusted performance).

Chi Runners Men’s “A” Team, 8th: David Dorning, David Worcester, Tom Blaylock, Andy Maynard, Terry Healy, James Woodward.

Chi Runners Ladies, 20th.

Chi Runners Men’s “B” Team, 33rd.

4th October 2012. Sussex Cross Country Championships. Goodwood.

Senior Men, 11th: Jo Corbett, Sam Beale, Justin Eggins, Alan Rowley. Reserve, Chris Tucker.

Men Over 40, 4th: Chris Jack (fastest individual lap), Terry Slade (v70), Andy Maynard, Tom Blaylock.

Men Over 50, 2nd: Rob Wiggins, Colin Harley, David Dorning, David Worcester.

Men Over 60, 1st: Jan Hill, John Betts, Peter Shaw.

Senior Ladies, 4th: Beth Garland, Gemma  Corbettt, Katy Bird.

Ladies Over 35, 7th: Tracy Jayant, Jill Renson, Rachel Austin.

Ladies Over 45, 1st: Sue Barty, Jane Leonard, Sue Baker. Reserves, Lucy Ellis, and Debbie Heder.

14th October 2012. Chichester Half Marathon.

Revamped on a new course embracing town and country this was Chichester’s first half marathon after more than two decades.

437 finishers.

1st James Baker, 1.15.27.

8th David Worcester (1st Over 50), 1.28.48.

19th Andy Maynard, 1.31.44.

23rd Lee Neumann, 1.32.38.

27th David Dorning, 1.33.08.

31st Stephen Davy, 1.33.44.

33rd Kevin McGreal, 1.33.52.

37th David Mahony, 1.35.06.

41st Andrew Moore, 1.35.51.

44th Nick Palmer, 1.36.23.

46th Zac Hunt, 1.36.59.

58th David Pike, 1.38.43.

76th Justin Eggins, 1.40.43.

85th James McGreal, 1.41.32.

91st Helen Pattinson (1st Over 50 Lady), 1.42.00.

103rd Rachel MacKinney, 1.44.23.

106th Jan Hill, 1.44.49.

117th Keith Ackerman, 1.45.49.

169th Anneliese Shaw, 1.50.57.

195th Tracy Jayant, 1.54.18.

Apologies to those missed out but my records finish at this point!

Team Places:

Men, Chi Runners 1st: Baker, Worcester, Maynard.

Ladies, Chi Runners 1st: Pattinson, MacKinney, Shaw.

Best wishes

John (Betts)

Secretary on behalf of the Committee