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Newsletter 30th October 2020

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Training groups continue for seniors and juniors with bookings by seniors via online booking system

Yoga this evening ( Friday 30th October) with classes for pre-booked members at 4:30 pm and 6:00 pm at The Newell Centre led by Katie Michael. Queries about the class to Katie via  

President’s Archives

I have had a long, intermittent, association with Chichester Runners & AC and thought that I would share some of the history of the Club (in my time), with you. I hope to revive memories of older members and inform newer members.

January to March 2014

18th January 2014. Sussex Masters Cross Country Championships. Lancing Manor.

Ladies Over 35. Chi Runners Team, 2nd: Fay Cripps 1st, Helen Pattinson 5th, Linda Roberts 14th.                              Reserve: Catherine Betts 26th.

Ladies Over 45 and Over 55 Combined Chi Runners Team, 8th: Helen Dean 22nd (2nd Over 55), Tracy Lockyear 27th, Sue Barty 36th. Reserve: Sandra Nemorin-Noel.

Men Over 40, Chi Runners Team, 7th: Steve Davy 8th, John Bullard 28th, Lee Neumann 32nd, Ashley Hiom 41st.

Men Over 50, Chi Runners Team, 7th: Andy Maynard 10th, Chris Benham 19th, Tom Blaylock 35th.                      Reserve: Dave Reading 39th.

Men Over 60, Chi Runners Team, 3rd: Rob Wiggins 1st, David Worcester 5th, John Betts 17th.

9th February 2014. Chichester 10km (23rd). Chi Runners had 58 of the 1637 finishers.

22nd James Baker , 33.06; 29th Harry Leleu, 33.32; 131st Steve Davy, 38.35; 141st Harry Pink, 39.00; 147th Keith Akerman, 39.19; 152nd Harry Lyne, 39.12; 159th (2nd V50) Jane Harrop, 39.39; 165th Fay Cripps, 39.45; 176th John Bullard, 40.03; 197th (2nd V60) David Worcester, 40.45; 210th Lee Neumann, 40.59; 228th Andrew Maynard, 41.30; 258th Dan Stones, 41.47; 228th Emma Maynard, 41.30; 300th Nick Palmer, 43.10; 310th Colin Harley, 43.07; 320th Simon Delves, 43.18; 325th James Woodward, 43.11; 351st Andrew Moore, 44.03; 381st Mark Jennings, 44.11; 385th Gary Timms, 44.17; 389th Mike Moorcroft, 44.22; 412nd Linda Roberts, 44.53; 420th David Pike, 44.59; 422nd Kevin Batt, 45.06; 497th Norman Marshall, 46.26; 526th Antony Neaves, 46.26; 546th Andy Wingham, 47.10; 553rd John Betts, 47.20; 584th Mark Sullivan, 48.02; 595TH Andrew Harrop, 48.18; 629th Helen Dean, 48.59; 640th Mark Hazelwood, 48.18; 726th Alastair Kennaugh, 49.17; 754th Maria Wright, 50.03; 755th Tim Brown, 50.23; 795th Scott Balandis 51.38; 800th Kelly Baldwin, 50.53; 830th Sarah Webster, 51.52; 917th Sue Baker, 52.41; 924th Karen Miles, 53.45; 998th Stephen McNally, 54.35; 1054th Lois Jerrey, 55.18; 1088th Philip Wise, 55.52; 1105th Sandra Nemorin-Noel, 55.58; 1194th Judith Darley, 57.45; 1196th Carol Palmer, 57.16; 1237th Eva Mikuska, 58.04; 1244th Emma Webster, 58.13; 1400th Jackie Harding, 62.33; 1531st Richard Woolston, 66.36; 1551st Vicky Balandis, 67.39; 1597th Lynn Harley, 71.17; 1605th Julia Copeland, 72.49; 1611st Dian Beaney, 74.24; 1635th Jane MacDonald, 84.47; Joanne Brown, 84.47.

Chi Runners Ladies Team, 2nd: Jane Harrop, Fay Cripps, Emma Maynard.

John (Betts)

Secretary on behalf of the Committee