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Newsletter 4th September 2020


We continue with the training groups for both seniors and juniors next week. Please ensure you tell your Group Leader if you cannot attend a particular session, plus to look out on Facebook for any ad hoc spare spaces on other groups. Please note that all groups are now  near full capacity, including the recently added extra one on Thursday evening.

The club will continue to remain in current groups once winter training officially starts on Monday 28th September. Each Group Leader will select a meeting point around Chichester that may or may not include Chichester College.   

The club’s Yoga classes restart on Friday 11th September. Those who have expressed an interest in attending were sent an email last week confirming the arrangements. If you had asked for a place but did not receive the message, please contact John Betts. 

The Event Organisers reluctantly, but understandably, have decided not to run the Goodwood Chichester Priory 10k in February next year.



I have had a long, intermittent, association with Chichester Runners & AC and thought that I would share some of the history of the Club (in my time), with you. I hope to revive memories of older members and inform newer members.

January to December 2009.

11th April 2009. Sussex Road Relays. Christ’s Hospital.

Senior Men. Chi Runners Team, 7th: Sam Bryan (12.09), James Baker (10.05), Tony Roddis (11.14), Chris Jack (11.19), Jonathan Worcester (11.59), Phil Morris (11.10).

Men Over 40. Chi Runners Team, 3rd: Andy Nicholson (10.56), Gary Wright (11.19), Lee Neuman (12.12.), Jim Garland (11.19).

Men Over 50. Chi Runners  “A” Team, 3rd: Rob Wiggins (12.22), David Worcester (12.06), David Dorning (12.04). “B” Team, 8th: Colin Harley (13.09), Kevin Lockyear (14.00), Alastair Kennaugh (13.34).

Men Over 60. Chi Runners Team (Non scoring): Martin Miller (12.58), John Betts (14.08), Martin Miller (13.34). Martin Miller 3rd individual.

17th May 2009. Bognor Prom 10km.

2nd James Baker, 33.41.

 7th Andy Nicholson, 36.01.

18th Tony Roddis, 37.50.

22nd Chris Jack, 38.13.

28th Kevin McGreal, 38.32.

30th Nick Casburn, 39.09.

34th Gary Wright, 39.26.

40th (2nd Over 50) David Worcester, 39.41.

96th Joe Russell-Wells, 42.29.

113th Colin Harley, 43.06.

121st David Pike, 43.17.

140th Terry Wright, 43.59.

195th Katie Johnson, 45.57.

254th Dave Reading, 47.28.

266th Maria Wright, 47.48.

292nd John Betts, 48.20.

294th Terry Healy, 48.23.

347th Brian Waterfield, 49.32.

375th Sarah Burholt, 50.07.

388th Mike Moorcroft, 50.19.

444th Nigel McNestrie, 51.16.

462nd Fiona Lewis, 51.14.

477th Dave Grunwell, 52.00.

511th Catherine Betts, 52.24.

593rd Rophina Yeld, 53.28.

621st Sue Baker, 54.02.

680th Steve Taylor, 55.29.

689th Paul Stansfield, 55.44.

717th Kelly Baldwin, 56.17.

859th Debbie Lord, 58.41.

937th Rachel Austin, 1.00.04.

963rd Rosie Benham, 1.00.34.

1083rd Kerrie McGreal, 1.04.12.

1101st Lynn Harley, 1.04.31.

1119th Maria Bosco, 1.04.57.

1231st Rosie Turner, 1.08.27.

1293rd Julie Stansfield, 1.11.26.

1372nd Janice Betts, 1.21.28.

1394 Finishers.

Chi Runners Team 1st (Baker, Nicholson, Roddis).

6th September 2009. Kent Coastal Marathon. Margate.

Incorporating British Masters Marathon Championship.

7th Overall, 1st British Master Over 55, David Worcester, 3.03.04.

6th December 2009. Sussex Masters Cross Country Championships. Horsham.

Men Over 40.

Chi Runners “A” Team, 2nd: Andy Nicholson (2nd individual), Jim Garland, Chris Jack, Gary Wright.

                       “B” Team, 11th: Tony Roddis, Kevin McGreal, Lee Neuman, Andy Maynard.

Men Over 50.

Chi Runners “A” Team, 2nd: David Dorning, Rob Wiggins, David Worcester.

                       “B” Team, 8th: Chris Benham, Colin Harley, Terry Healy.

Also running: Kevin Lockyear, Roger Hobbs.

Apologies for lack of detail:

Men Over 60, 3rd.

Ladies Over 35, 4th.

Ladies Over 45, 5th.


Well done to Lorna Cowan for a 100% response to last week’s quiz. This week’s quiz is attached above and why not have a go as the evenings unfortunately start to draw in.