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Newsletter 6th November 2020


England Athletics (EA) has confirmed that there will be no group running activity during the period of the current restrictions. The club hopes, of course, to restart on Monday 7th December. The full guidance from EA can be reviewed by this link:

Meanwhile if anyone requires a “buddy” partner do contact either your Group Training Leader or Jon McElhill.

Just to confirm that the subject of “club vest” will be raised at the AGM under “Matters Arising”.

Junior Training – Update from Phil Baker

Just a bit of feedback reference last night (2nd November). It is just over 25 years that the club has been having separate junior training on club nights and I cannot remember in all that time having such a committed group of youngsters at a training session.

Last night saw a record number for a winter Monday evening (just over 55 I think) and it compares with 27 on the equivalent day last year, even with an adjustment for the extra under 11's. This turnout was impressive.

It was not only the number attending which stood out, but also the commitment and enthusiasm of all the juniors in the various groups, which was a credit to all concerned - the athletes themselves, the dedicated coaching team and not forgetting Andy Hall who has held things together over the last six months.”


President’s Archives

I have had a long, intermittent, association with Chichester Runners & AC and thought that I would share some of the history of the Club (in my time), with you. I hope to revive memories of older members and inform newer members.

April to December 2014.

12th April 2014. Sussex Road Relays. Christ’s Hospital.

Senior Men. Chi Runners Team, 7th: Chris West, James Baker, James McKenzie, Conrad Meagher, Ed Gerwat, Harry Lyne.

Men Over 40. Chi Runners “A” Team, 3rd: Chris Jack, Matt de Lacy, Andy Nicholson, Jim Garland.

“B” Team, 6th: Gareth Glass, Keith Akerman, Stephen Davy, Tom Blaylock.

Men Over 60. Chi Runners “A” Team, 1st (2 seconds outside course record!): Rob Wiggins (2nd), David Dorning, David Worcester.

“B” Team, 4th: Tom Blaylock, Martin Miller, Alastair Kennaugh.

Ladies Vets. Chi Runners Team, 3rd: Jane Harrop, Helen Dean, Sue Baker.

7th June 2014. South Downs 100 Mile Relay.

Age Adjusted “Cooper Cup” Positions:

7th, Chi Runners Men’s “B” Team. Four Over 60’s – David Dorning, Rob Wiggins, David Worcester and Tom Blaylock, plus Chris Benham and Charles Rodmell.

40th, Chi Runners Men’s “A” Team: Nick Palmer, Keith Akerman, Mark Jennings, Mike Moorcroft, Colin Harley, Dan Stones.

46th, Chi Runners Ladies: Tracy Lockyear, Sarah Webster, Anneliese Shaw, Kim Nelson, Sue Barty, Amanda Godfrey.

21st September 2014. South of England Road Relays. Aldershot.

Chi Runners Over 60 Men’s Team, 3rd: David Dorning, Rob Wiggins, David Worcester, Tom Blaylock.

This was the first occasion that a team from Chichester Runners had won a South of England medal.

27th September 2014. Sussex Cross Country Relays. Goodwood.

Senior Men. Chi Runners Team, 5th: Sam Reading, Josh James, Harry Leleu, James Baker.

Men Over 40. Chi Runners Team, 2nd: Steve Davy, John Bullard, Matt de Lacy, Jim Garland.

Men Over 50. Chi Runners Team, 5th: David Pike, Andy Wingham, Dave Barty, Tony Cooley.

Men Over 60. Chi Runners “A” Team, 1st: Rob Wiggins, David Dorning, David Worcester.

“B” Team, 3rd: Kevin Lockyear, Andrew Harrop, John Betts.

Senior Women. Chi Runners Team, 8th: Nicola Mead, Lucy Ellis, Anneliese Shaw.

Ladies Over 35. Chi Runners Team, 2nd: Fay Cripps, Linda Roberts, Maria Wright.

Ladies Over 45. Chi Runners “A” Team, 4th: Jane Harrop, Tracy Lockyear, Jill Renson.

“B” Team, 5th: Sue Baker, Rachel Austin, Sandra Nemorin-Noel.

John Betts

Secretary on behalf of the Committee