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Newsletter 9th October 2020

Next 14 days

Continuation of training for seniors and juniors with the current structure of groups not exceeding twelve people. Please remember for seniors to use the new online booking system to record cancellations and requests to join an alternative group. Link below:

The last session of the series of current Yoga classes finishes this evening ( Friday 9th October) with classes for pre-booked members at 4:30 pm and 6:00 pm at The Newell Centre led by Katie Michael.

The next series of ten classes starts on Friday 16th October at a cost of £40. Those already having booked a mat should have received a separate email message. There remains vacancies on both the 4:30 pm and 6:00p classes. If anyone else is interested please respond to this email and copy to Katie via


The club is pleased to announce having received the sum of £1k (maximum allowance) from the District Council as part of their Covid-19 Small Grant Scheme for community organisations. This money will go against our additional costs for extra equipment and room hire in respect of training for the junior section.

Yesterday Rob Wiggins sent out a plea for members to submit comments in support of the club’s track project and many thanks to those who have already done so. Would others please do so as every positive submission helps the application process. Thank you.   

Following some queries about the scheme I confirm the following points. The site of the proposed track is the green in front of the Pavilion/Sports Hall and adjacent to the astro-turf pitches. The track area will be fenced with gated access to include significantly improved lighting, extra CCTV  and security cover. There will still be a path around the outside of the track area for students going to their block and/or runners who like to use this part of the college grounds. Access to the track will be pre-booked through the college and they will control usage. The club will have dedicated sole access to the track that will be subject to a renewed agreement of use with the college.   

Virtual London Marathon 4th October — Report by John Miles

“For this race entrants had to start and complete their run within the 24 hours of the 4th October BST wherever they were in the world; there were 43000 entries and 109 countries were represented, by design very similar to the normal London Marathon. The organisers produced a smartphone App to record your run.  All you had to do was to set it off when you started and it automatically stopped when you had run the distance, and it automatically registered your result. Runners were also advised to use a secondary device from which to submit evidence of the run should the App fail!

Weather forecasts leading up to Sunday 4th October indicated that the first daylight hours might be slightly less wet than later in the day so I planned to start at 7:00 am.  3:30 am is not an hour I usually rise, except to let the dog out, but I needed to have breakfast at least three hours before running. By the Sunday morning the weather forecast had changed to wall-to-wall rain so I determined to start as soon as there was enough light and get it done.

I started from the Broadbridge Roundabout at Bosham at 6:47 am, headed east through Fishbourne and up the Centurion Way to West Dean and back. Conditions were not very pleasant but at least the CW is mostly quite sheltered from the wind. When I turned west back along the Fishbourne road I was hit by the gale force blustery wind and soon realised that the run would be one of survival rather than a quick time. My course then includes a loop round the Bosham peninsular and finally round the Chidham peninsular. It was all pretty miserable but a kind friend kept popping up to encourage me as I struggled along.

To keep the phone dry it was under my jacket and in a pouch so it was not easy to see when it decided I had finished. I went by my Garmin running watch and when that had clocked the distance I stopped and anxiously unearthed my phone which fortunately showed that the App had also finished.

My time of 3:38:18 was not what I hoped for but in the conditions I was quite content with the result, especially after I had warmed up and stopped shaking from the cold and wet. As extra compensation for surviving the Virtual London Marathon (it felt all too real to me) I placed second out of 145 men in my recently entered age category (70-74); I am well pleased with that!”

Brilliant run and congratulations John on such a great time for a V70 and second overall. Well done to others from the club that challenged themselves with the 26.2 miles, especially in such difficult weather conditions.  

President’s Archives

I have had a long, intermittent, association with Chichester Runners& AC and thought that I would share some of the history of the Club (in my time), with you.

I hope to revive memories of older members and inform newer members.

January 2013 to May 2013.

14th January 2013. Hangover Five. West Sussex Fun Run League.

2nd James Baker, 8th John Leonard, 28th Chris Tucker, 65th Colin Harley, 69th Dave Reading,72nd Darren Knight, 73rd Jon Healey, 84th Terry Healey, 118th Dave Barty, 120th John Betts, 143rd Tracy Jayant, 147th Jill Renson, 155th Sue Baker, 161st Robert Sawers, 161st Tony Cooley, 186th Peter Shaw, 189th Gary Tompsett, 191st Roger Hobbs, 224th Dave Grunwell, 248th Lynn Harley.

9th February 2013. Sussex Masters Cross Country Championships. Bexhill.

Ladies Over 35. Chi Runners 5th: Fay Cripps (1st individual), Linda Roberts (21st), Sue Barty (28th).

Ladies Over 45. Chi Runners 2nd: Jane Harrop (1st individual), Persephone Hagan (11th),Tracy Jayant (15th).

Ladies Over 55: Sue Baker, 3rd.

Men Over 40. Chi Runners 7th: Chris Jack (9th), Andy Maynard (31st), Stephen Davy (38th), John Bullard (41st).

Men Over 50. Chi Runners 5th: David Worcester (9th), Tom Blaylock (23rd), Dave Barty (26th).

Men Over 60. Chi Runners 3rd: Rob Wiggins (2nd), Martin Miller (12th),John Betts (18th), Peter Shaw (19th).

Chichester Runners regained the County Shield lost to Brighton and Hove in 2012.

30th March 2013. Sussex Road Relays. Christ’s Hospital.

Ladies Over 40. Chi Runners 5th: Maria Wright, Angela Carpenter, Persephone Hagan.

Over 50. Chi Runners 3rd: Jane Harrop (equalled own course record), Amanda Godfrey, Sue Baker.

Senior Men. Chi Runners, 7th: James Baker, Harry Leleu, James Teuton, Chris Bird, Josh James, Aaron Hancock.

Men Over 40. Chi Runners, 4th: Chris Jack, Steve Davy, Lee Neumann, Jim Garland.

Men Over 50. Chi Runners “A” Team, 10th: Gary Wright, Dave Reading, Colin Harley.

“B” Team, 14th: Tom Blaylock, Robert Sawers, Andrew Harrop.

Men Over 60. Chi Runners “A” Team, 2nd: David Dorning (2nd individual), John Betts, David Worcester (3rd individual).

B” Team, 6th: Don Faircloth, Alastair Kennaugh, Martin Miller.

19th May 2013. Bognor 10km.

2nd James Baker, 32.27.

4th Harry Leleu, 34.29.

10th Chris Jack (1st Over 40), 36.22.

16th Graham Timson, 37.18.

18th John Leonard, 37.44.

21st Casey Keates, 37.53.

24th Gary Wright, 38.26.

26th Aaron Hancock, 38.30.

31st David Worcester (1st Over 60), 39.07.

32nd Stephen Davy, 39.08.

42nd Lee Neumann, 39.40.

49th Andy Maynard, 39.47.

108th Colin Harley, 42.38.

110th Keith Akerman, 42.40.

118th Andrew Moore, 42.57.

205th Lucy Thraves, 45.06.

261st Norman Marshall, 46.16.

266th John Betts, 46.28.

315th Mark Hazelwood, 47.20.

332nd Jane Leonard, 47.56.

370th Maria Wright, 48.31.

587th Alison Defries, 51.40.

591st Katy Baldwin, 51.38.

606th Peter Shaw, 52.01.

651st Carol Palmer, 52.41.

720th Catherine Betts, 54.04.

761st Rachel Ballard, 54.41.

815th Carla Wood, 55.25.

825th Sue Baker, 55.38.

847th Nigel McNestrie, 56.23.

869th Jackie Harding, 56.29.

873rd Simon Thompson, 56.36.

896th Susan Davies, 57.00.

1051st Dave Grunwell, 59.52.

1172nd, Rachel Austin, 1.01.54.

1531 Finishers.

Best wishes

John (Betts)

Secretary on behalf of the Committee