Trail Runs

Chichester Runners members organise a very popular series of trail runs in the countryside around Chichester, on most Wednesday afternoons through the summer.
Trail Run
The plan for Summer Trail Runs is here.
Note that this is only a plan. Locations are not confirmed until the run is listed in Spond.
  • Trail runs are arranged for recreational running only on Wednesday evenings, from April until end of September at locations around Chichester.
  • The club also arranges a few trail runs on Sunday mornings at other times of the year.
  • There will be no trail runs on Wednesdays when West Sussex Fun Run League events are scheduled.
  • Trails are laid with a mix of arrows and blobs of flour.
  • Trails follow tracks or paths, which can be rough, slippery and covered by obstacles.
  • Most runs are 10-13km (6-7.5 miles) and they may well involve hills! Many of the runs have a shorter option of around 6-8km (4-5 miles).
  • Trails runs are free for all members of the club.
  • All participants must start between 4.30 to 6.30 pm, changing to 4-6pm at the start and end of the season. No latecomers please.
  • Organisers are briefed that they have a responsibility to stay until the last person is accounted for.
  • If you are new to the club and would like someone to run with, please post on Facebook or use the Contact Us button to get in touch. Or ask around at a training session.
  • Note that 'Trail Runs Only' membership is no longer offered. Everyone is welcome to join as a full member.

  • All participants take part at own risk and must report in and back on the evening to the Trail Organiser.
  • Guidance for trail run organisers