Chichester Runners runs about 15 different organised training sessions every week, each with about 12 people and catering for a wide variety of abilities. The club covers pretty much everything from 50-somethings who have just got off their couch right up to people who compete for places in events or who run ultra-marathons.

Training generally involves a warm up, a main session, a cool down with stretches and lasts about an hour. All of the club's training sessions are supervised by coaches and leaders who are qualified, licensed and insured by UK Athletics.

Most of the sessions start at 6:25 pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings, but there are few daytime ones too. The training locations are spread around Chichester. All sessions are booked through the Spond system.

When new members join, the club's chief coach will discuss the options with them and assign them to an appropriate group (or two).

If you have any questions about club training then please get in touch using the Contact Us form.