Trundle View 5

The Trundle View 5 is a challenging and entirely off-road open running event, held as part of the West Sussex Fun Run League. The course is approximately 5 miles, around the Goodwood Country Park. Race HQ and parking are on the large green area opposite the Goodwood Racecourse (that's the one for horses, not cars). What3Words rinsed.secretly.compliant

The 2023 event will be held on Weds 24th May, starting at 7:30 pm. There will also be a 1 mile mini-run for under 15s starting at 7:00pm.

Previous Results

  • Trundle View Run Results 2022.xlsx
  • There was no Trundle View 5 in 2021 (COVID)
  • There was no Trundle View 5 in 2020 (COVID)
  • Trundle View Run Results 2019.xlsx

  • Results below are for Trundle Hill Run from Lavant, which was replaced by the Trundle View 5.

  • Trundle Hill Run Results 2018.xls
  • Trundle Hill Run Results 2017.xls
  • Trundle Hill Run Results 2016.xls
  • Trundle Hill Run Results 2015.xls
  • Trundle Hill Run Results 2014.xls