Corporate Challenge

31st Annual Corporate and Inter-Schools Road Running Challenge 2023

An evening series of road races under U.K. Athletics Rules, last held in March 2023. Licence number 2023-45578.

Races start at the Assembly Rooms, North Street, Chichester.

Thank you and well done to everybody who took part in the 2023 race series. We'll be back on 28th February, 13th March & 27th March 2024.

2023 Results

Race 1, Individual Results
Race 1, Team Results
Race 2, Individual Results
Race 2, Team Results
Race 3, Individual Results
Race 3, Team Results
2023 Series Results

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See you next year.

Timetable (for all three evenings)

6:30pm Primary Schools Boys race Year 6 1400m, (2 laps)
6:38pm Primary School Boys race Year 5 1400m, (2 laps)
6:46pm Primary Schools Girls race Year 6 1400m (2 laps)
6:53pm Primary Schools Girls race Year 5 1400m (2 laps)
Please note only Years 5 & 6 are eligible to run

7:00pm Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 Girls race 2100m (3 laps)
7:15pm Years 7 & 8 Boys race 2100m (3 laps) and Years 9 & 10 Boys race 2800m (4 laps)

7:30pm Corporate Challenge “A” race approx. 4500m (4 laps)
7:55pm Corporate Challenge “B” race approx. 4500m (4 laps)


  • Runners should keep their race number for all three races.
  • The Corporate Challenge is split into “A” and “B” races for logistical reasons. Race “A” for runners under 18 min (ie. 10K in under 40min); Race “B” for all other runners. This will be strictly adhered to. Team results are calculated from the aggregate of fastest times regardless whether athletes run in the “A” or “B” race.
  • Team size is unlimited. The fastest 4 count for Senior Men's/Mixed teams, the fastest 3 for Women's and School teams.
  • Large teams will be split into A/B/C teams by the organisers, when the results are drawn up. Fastest group in the A team, then the B team, and so on.
  • Members of Corporate teams must all work for the same organisation.
  • The definition of a "Sports Club" is loose. Groups of friends are welcome to enter.
  • Seniors do not need to be a member of a team to run. Individuals are welcome to enter.
  • Car parking is free after 6pm in some parts of the city centre, but please avoid parking close to the course as access will be restricted during the race period.
  • Competitors may be photographed or videoed, for publicity purposes and to help with recording the results. By entering you are giving your permission.
  • Early entry is appreciated. Entries on the day cannot be guaranteed.
  • Race numbers can be collected by arrangement from the race director or picked up after 5:00 pm on the day at the Assembly Rooms, North Street, Chichester.