Corporate Challenge

28th Annual Corporate and Inter-Schools Road Running Challenge 2019 

An evening series of road races held under U.K. Athletics Rules 

Wednesdays on 27th February, 13th March and 27th March 2019.


Venue: Assembly Rooms, North Street, Chichester.   Event Licence 2019-37358 

Free car parking after 6.00 p.m. in some areas within the city centre but please avoid those close to the course as access will be restricted during the race period.

Timetable (for all three evenings)

6.30 p.m. Primary Schools Boys Race Year 6 1400m, (2 laps)

6.38 p.m. Primary School Boys Race Year 5 1400m, (2 laps)

6.46 p.m. Primary Schools Girls Race Year 6 1400m (2 laps)  

6.53 p.m. Primary Schools Girls Race Year 5 1400m (2 laps)

(Please note only Years 5 & 6 eligible to run)

7.00 p.m.Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 Girls Race 2100m (3 laps)

7.15 p.m.Years 7 & 8 Boys 2100m (3 laps)

               Years 9 & 10 Boys 2800m (4 laps)

7.30 p.m.Corporate Challenge “A” race approx. 4500m (4 laps)

7.55 p.m.Corporate Challenge “B” race approx. 4500m (4 laps)

The Corporate Challenge is split into “A” and “B” races for logistical reasons. Race “A” for runners under 18 min (e.g. 10K in under 40min); Race “B” for all other runners. This will be strictly adhered to. Team results calculated from aggregate of fastest times regardless whether athletes run in the “A” or “B” race

Closing date for entries Friday 22nd February but we recommend early submission. Entries on the day not guaranteed and unavailable for primary races in any event. 

Numbers to be collected from 5:30 pm on the day at the Assembly Rooms, North Street, Chichester. 

Note to runners please:

1) Keep your number for all three races.

2) Wear high viz vests.