Corporate Challenge

32nd Annual Corporate and Inter-Schools Road Running Challenge 2024

A unique series of evening road races for all ages and abilities, run around Chichester city centre. Distances range from 1400m for primary school children up to 4.5km for adults. Races start at the Assembly Rooms on North Street and are conducted under UK Athletics rules.

The 2024 series has now finished. Next year's races are likely to be on Wednesdays 5th & 19th March and 2nd April 2025.

Timetable (for all three evenings)

6:30pm Primary Schools Boys race Year 6 1400m, (2 laps)
6:38pm Primary School Boys race Year 5 1400m, (2 laps)
6:46pm Primary Schools Girls race Year 6 1400m (2 laps)
6:53pm Primary Schools Girls race Year 5 1400m (2 laps)
Please note only Years 5 & 6 are eligible to run

7:00pm Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 Girls race 2100m (3 laps)
7:15pm Years 7 & 8 Boys race 2100m (3 laps) and Years 9 & 10 Boys race 2800m (4 laps)

7:30pm Corporate Challenge “A” race approx. 4500m (4 laps)
7:55pm Corporate Challenge “B” race approx. 4500m (4 laps)

Race Numbers

Runners should keep their race numbers (and pins) for all three races. A few will always get forgotten and we will have extras, but we won’t be able to replace them all.

Race numbers can be collected from The Assembly Rooms from 5:30pm on race day

If you enter before midday on Thurs 22nd Feb, you will be able to collect your race number(s) from outside Chichester Festival Theatre between 9:30am and 11am on Sat 24th Feb. That's the same place as the Chichester Park Run, so you can do your 5k and collect your number afterwards.

Schools and senior team organisers are encouraged to collect their numbers in advance, if at all possible.


We are delighted by the engagement from local schools in the Corporate Challenge, but getting numbers onto the shirts of 600 young people in under an hour is quite a challenge. Schools entering the event can help race night run smoothly by doing a few simple things.

  • Use the online entry system. Contact us if you can’t pay by card - we have a special system.
  • Get your entries in early. It takes time to write names on all the race numbers. We can handle entries on the day, but the fewer the better.
  • Collect your race numbers in advance.
  • If you can’t collect in advance, send 1 person to get all your numbers from the Assembly Rooms.
  • We don't mind if you collect the money and enter your team en-masse, or get parents to enter individually. But having someone to distribute your race numbers makes a huge difference.
  • Pick a rendezvous location for your school and tell everyone where to meet. The area in front of the Assembly Rooms will be crazy busy. Choose a spot on Crane St, East St or down towards the cross.
  • Remind pupils and parents to bring their number for the 2nd and 3rd races.

Senior Races

  • The senior Corporate Challenge is split into 'A' and 'B' races for logistical reasons. If you expect to finish in under 18m15s or your usual 5k time is under 20 minutes then you should run in the 'A' race.
  • Team results are based on the fastest times, regardless of whether athletes run in the 'A' or 'B' race.
  • You do not need to be a member of a team to run. Individuals are welcome to enter.
  • Members of Corporate teams must all be connected to a workplace in way that passes the Race Director's sniff test. All work together? Of course. Spouses and partners? No problem. Meet at the school gates every day? Sure. Clients? Why not, within reason. Pull in a few mates who run for the county? You're a Sports team.


  • If you are driving, please use one of the two large car parks in Chichester city centre - the Northgate car park (near the Festival Theatre) and the Cattle Market car park (near the end of East St)
  • Both car parks are a 5-10 minute walk from the start line, but have plenty of space and will allow you an easy getaway. Look at the walk as a chance for a gentle warm-up!
  • The Little London car park is inside the senior race route and exit will be difficult until all the races are over.
  • Baffins Lane and East Pallant may also be affected by our road closures.
  • Please don't park on the streets near the course. We rely on the goodwill of local residents to put this event on and want to be good neighbours. Taking all their parking spaces doesn't win us any friends

Other Information

  • The Schools race is for school teams. Please enter using a school name, not an athletics club.
  • The Corporate Challenge is meant to be a fun event, outside the normal competitive running calendar. By tradition, we try to avoid having athletics club names in the results. Have some fun, think of a witty name for your team. Maybe enter your training group under its own name.
  • Team size is unlimited. The fastest 4 count for Senior Men's/Mixed teams, the fastest 3 for Women's and School teams.
  • Large teams will be split into A/B/C teams by the organisers, when the results are drawn up. Fastest group in the A team, then the B team, and so on.
  • For large mixed teams, we will try to split-out as many all-female teams as possible.
  • The series results for individuals are based on the aggregrate time across all the races for seniors and on the best 2 performances for the schools' races.
  • The series results for teams are based on the team's aggregrate time across all the races.
  • Sorry, but we aren't allowed to let competitors use the toilets in the Assembly Rooms. The nearest public toilets are in the Little London Car Park, behind the Assembly Rooms.
  • Competitors may be photographed or videoed, for publicity purposes and to help with recording the results. By entering you are giving your permission.