Training is on Mondays and Wednesdays, usually at Chichester College and starting at 6pm. Parents will be contacted via the Spond app and given the specific location and details for their child's group.

If you are in Year 5 or above and would like to come along and give athletics a go, please contact the club by email or the contact form. Please wait to be contacted before attending training, as many potential new junior members are wanting to join us at the moment.

The registration form here will need to be completed and returned by email before attending any session.


The Junior Section splits the membership year into 2 seasons:


October to March

Focus is on cross country, road, sports hall and preparation for the track & field season


April to September

Focus on the track & field season


Junior membership is £30 per year, of which £16 is payable to England Athletics if the young person needs to be registered to take part in a competition. All registered athletes will receive their individual competition number (URN) direct from EA.

Membership payments should be made using the form here.

Training Fees

An additional fee is payable for each junior athlete for each of the two seasons (22–25 weeks of sessions), to cover the costs of hiring venues for junior training, event fees and transport costs.

One (1) session per week £25

Two (2) sessions per week £45

Training fees should be paid online using the form here.


  1. If an athlete joins part way through the half-season then full fees due if start in months 1, 2 or 3 of half season but reduced to £ 15.00 (one Session per week) and £ 25.00 (two sessions per week) if start in months 4,5 or 6
  2. Payments for the session fees will be due in September (for Winter Season) and March (for Summer Season)
  3. Payments will be made by credit / debit card through the website
  4. The session fees cover Club Sessions at the Chichester College and University of Chichester. Should sessions be offered at external venues then additional fees may be required to be paid to the venue.
  5. The club will look at any requests for consideration of fees in the case of financial hardship in complete confidence. Initial communication should be with the Welfare Officer (Helen Dean).

Incentives for Parent Volunteers:

  1. The club will offer an incentive to those Parents who take on a “Volunteer” role and commit to the role for the whole season. In this instance the club will waive the session fee for one athlete per parent volunteer.
  2. If the Parent Volunteer subsequently commits to becoming a Coaching Assistant then no session fees for all their athletes will be due whilst they continue to provide coaching support to the club.

Junior Objectives

It is the aim of Chichester Runners & AC's Junior section to promote all aspects of athletics for children from Year 5 upwards who have an interest in running and athletics.

The club aims to provide appropriate coaching and competition in a wide range of events including all track & field, indoor sportshall and cross country events.

Our junior section is very successful and competes in several Leagues including:

  • Indoor Sportshall League
  • Youth Development League - Under 13 and Under 15
  • Youth Development League - Under 17 and Under 20
  • Sussex Under 15 League
  • Sussex Under 13 League
  • Sussex Cross Country League

Summer training at Chichester University track