Chichester Runners runs about 15 different organised training sessions every week, catering for a wide variety of abilities. The club covers pretty much everything from 50-somethings who have just got off their couch right up to people who compete for places in events or who run ultra-marathons.

Training generally involves a warm up, a main session, a cool down with stretches and lasts about an hour. The out-of-breath part is usually about half an hour.

All of the club's training sessions are supervised by coaches and run leaders who are qualified, licensed and insured by UK Athletics.

Most of the sessions start at 6:25 pm on weekday evenings, but there are few daytime ones too. The training locations are spread around Chichester.

Come For a Try Out

We welcome new members, wherever they are on their running journey. If you want to come along to try some training sessions before you decide whether to join then Contact Us and we will arrange that with you.


Club members use an app called Spond to book training and trail run places. The app can also be used for communications with and between members.

Once you have installed the app (for Apple or Android), register and then enter the code that will be automatically emailed to you when you join the club.

It is a good idea to go to the 'Push notifications' part of your profile in the app and change the settings to make Spond less attention seeking. The default alert settings will drive you nuts.

Chichester Runners does not take payments through Spond, so there is no need to save your card details in the app.

Training Groups

Once you are on Spond, you will need to be invited to a session (or several). If you have been in touch or came along for a try out before joining then that should be fairly straightforward. If not, send us some information about your running level (your usual 5k time is a good guide, if you know it) and we will point you in the right direction.

A few points about how we run things …

  • Everyone who is registered should be able to see all the training groups here
  • If you want invites to a group, just contact the leader and ask to be added
  • If you need help picking the right group for you, ask one of the run leaders or hit Contact Us
  • If you can't make it to training one week, please decline the invite in Spond
  • If you miss a whole month, the leader may take you off the invitation list. To get back on, just contact them and ask
  • If you want to try a faster/slower/different group then that's OK
  • The leaders do adjust their plans depending on who is coming to the session. Bailing out at the last-minute upsets those plans, so please don't make a habit of it.
  • Let the leader know if you are injured at training, so that they can fill in the right forms
  • Be visible, particularly in winter. Wear hi-viz clothing and consider getting a running light.
  • Yes, training does carry on if it’s raining or cold!
  • Ice and snow might raise questions, though