Welfare Officers

Club Welfare Officers

The Club's Welfare Officers are Helen Dean and Mark Grandy. Helen is a Leader with the junior section of the club and Mark is a senior member of the club. Both are runners themselves and have been members of the club for several years.

In accordance with UKA guidance, Welfare Officers are:
  • DBS cleared by UK Athletics
  • Registered as CWO's on the Athletics Portal
  • Have completed the online 'Safeguarding in Athletics Course'
  • Have completed a Time to Listen course
The Welfare Officers are also DBS checkers for the club and will ensure that all volunteers' DBS's and qualifications are current. In addition, both administer the process of recruiting volunteers, ensuring that in each case the following is adhered to:
  • Leaders/coaches application form completed, giving reasons for the application
  • Details of two referees are given. References will be taken up
  • Applicant will be interviewed in order to assess suitability, genuine commitment etc.
  • If successful, the applicant will attend the appropriate EA leading/coaching course, complete the on-line Safeguarding module, be DBS cleared and should familiarise themselves with the various relevant club safe-guarding policies and procedures.
Please do not hesitate to contact the Welfare Officers for help, advice or guidance, either through the messaging system in Spond or using the form below.